What are milk mixers and what are they for?

Every dairy cow farm needs to ensure continuity of production. This passes through the health and growth of calves which, especially in the first few months of life, must be fed correctly in order to grow healthily and thus guarantee continuity in the life and production of the herd. In the various operations to carry out, from feeding the calves to milking, up to dairy production, Condor srl is able to supply machinery and equipment made with the best AISI 304L stainless steel. We are aware of the importance of feeding calves and we know the difficulties that this procedure can present; for this reason we have made available different models of milk powder mixers. Before going into the merits of our models, let's see what are the characteristics of a milk mixer, how it is made, what its functions are.

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The milk pasteurizer

A survey carried out on over two hundred farms of the APA, Provincial Breeders Association, showed that in the first month of life the mortality rate of calves is over 15%. Even through adequate nutrition it is possible to help reduce the loss of cattle, with obvious economic benefits for the breeder; these calves in fact represent the new generation that will replace the cows in the stable. The quality of the milk administered to the calvesĀ  destinated for the comeback is of fundamental importance, both for the health and for the nutritional aspects. Using pasteurized non-waste milk has many advantages, leading the calves to better performance and greater growth. It's proved that calves fed fresh milk with protein content, fat, calcium and phosphorus gain weight faster (source LEE et al. 2009).

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