Mini Dairy Condor S.r.l.

Condor Mini Dairy and its equipment

We at Condor, an Italian company founded in 1962, offer a complete, simple and functional line for the MINI DAIRY. These are machines suitable for small and medium-sized artisanal dairy transformations, aimed at the production of cheese, yoghurt, butter and various dairy products. The mini-dairy, offered directly by the Condor manufacturer to the end customer, allows to obtain very high quality products with a small investment.

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Pastorizzatore latte ideato per l'azienda agricola Zappaterra

Milk pasteurizer: Zappaterra agricultural company

The historic Zappaterra agricultural company is located in the province of Mantua, precisely in San Martino Dall'Argine. Historic because for over 100 years the generations of this family have taken turns, handing down the passion for work and keeping the business alive. Zappaterra is precisely the surname they bear and certainly their activity with constant passion and determination for so long is not really a coincidence.

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