Complete terminal units in Aisi 304L stainless steel

Offering a quality service is not an easy job, it’s a commitment that requires passion and dedication, but it’s also necessary to constantly adapt to the world of work, its continuous evolutions and innovations.

You have to be willing to change your appearance, while always keeping your identity intact, without ever giving up your values.

In 60 years of activity, we at Condor have repeatedly adapted to the needs of our customers, their demands, the innovations with which we must keep up. This is perhaps the most difficult part, but also the most beautiful part of our work: knowing that our customers choose us because we always know how to meet their needs and working times.


Milking room components and accessories

Most of our products were created to be destined for milking parlors, but how much has the work in milking parlors changed in recent years? The tools for collecting, distributing and storing milk today must meet the ever-increasing needs of operators working in milking parlors. Needs related to the need to shorten the time of collecting milk, facilitating the work of farmers, but above all to the need to keep milk in perfect hygienic conditions because the health and well-being of the animal depends on this. We know that for our breeders animal welfare is a must to optimize costs and increase the profit of their activities.

For this reason, over the years we have gone from manual to mechanical milking and for the storage of milk it has become necessary to use adequate machinery to keep the milk in optimal hygienic conditions. Following this logic, our Condor terminal units were born, to ensure our customers a faster, more efficient and hygienically safe milk collection. Let's see in detail some features of Condor complete terminal units.

Complete stainless steel terminal units

Condor terminal units are made entirely of Aisi 304L stainless steel and are electropolished both internally and externally. Electropolishing is a chemical treatment that sanitizes surfaces thanks to an electrochemical process that selectively removes the surface layer of steel, minimizing surface roughness. Electropolishing therefore makes it possible to make the most of the asepticity of the metal surface of stainless steel, making it not only a standard, but a real must for the food industry. Thanks to electropolishing, the maintenance and cleaning of Condor complete stainless steel terminal units can be achieved with maximum ease, decreasing the formation of organic deposits and reducing the risk of bacterial proliferation.

M.O.C.A. certified terminal units

All terminal units are made entirely within the company, equipped with M.O.C.A. certification, compliant with CE – EN – CEI – EMC – EN regulations and suitable for containing food. Condor complete terminal units can be supplied with all types of terminal vessels, both vertical and horizontal, with capacities from 35 to 400 liters, and can be powered at 230V – 380V – 50 Hz – 60 Hz. They are designed to adapt to the most varied types and sizes of milking parlors. They can also be made with or without wall support panel.

We can make any component or accessory according to the customer's design, even for individual units..

Condor complete terminal units come with the following components:

  • Terminal vessel from lt.35 to lt.400 vertical or horizontal
  • Top cover cover
  • Side covers for horizontal terminal model
  • Sanitary vase ld lt.10, lt.20 or with both vertical and horizontal design
  • 230V or 380V hp 0.75 - 1 - 1.5 stainless steel milk pump with DN – Packo – De Laval outlet connections
  • Milk filter holder
  • Level adjustment probe
  • Milk pump shutdown electric control panel
  • Stainless steel support brackets
  • Stainless steel pump cove
  • Rubber hoses and fittings
  • Stainless pliers choke tubes
  • Clamps and junction tubes
  • Rubber sleeves and fittingsa