Milk pasteurizer designed for the Zappaterra farm

The historic Zappaterra agricultural company is located in the province of Mantua, precisely in San Martino Dall'Argine. Historic because for over 100 years the generations of this family have taken turns, handing down the passion for work and keeping the business alive.

Zappaterra is precisely the surname they bear and certainly their activity with constant passion and determination for so long is not really a coincidence.

It was born in 1916 in Ca' de Marcotti where a rural farmhouse stands between the green countryside and dense poplar woods. Today it’s considered the largest company in San Martino with 1000 cows of which 500 are milked. Our relationships started in 2010 with the delivery of a mixer and later in 2017, when we were contacted for a TATA pasteuriser. We were pleasantly surprised when they informed us of the capacity for a total of 300 litres.

For us, accustomed to customer requests, it was an honor to complete the goal. The commitment was maximum. This is because the pasteurizer is used to pasteurize the fresh milk deriving from milking and then distribute it to the calves. The questions for the success of the work were many, in particular on the success of the pasteurization of all the milk and in an homogeneous way. It's certainly easier with less milk, but we also managed with 300 litres.

300 liter milk pasteurizer

Our milk pasteurizer, completely in stainless steel, is used for the pasteurization of fresh milk which will then be distributed to the calves. It is produced entirely in stainless steel, on a structure with a base and three wheels to allow it to be moved on all types of terrain. It is equipped with an electronic card with multiple functions that allow for optimal organization of work. It is possible to program the pasteurization time, where it is possible to find the milk ready for distribution. The distribution takes place thanks to the programmable gun every half liter to provide the correct amount of milk to the calf.

Operation of our pasteurizer and mixers

Insulation is more than recommended for homogeneous processing and pasteurization of the milk and maintaining the temperature throughout the working time. Our pasteurizer was born with manual traction, but it is possible to add the indispensable electric traction motor when it comes to large dimensions. The Condor Pasteurizer can also be a mixer and heater thanks to the heating elements. Once use has been completed inside the electronic board, it is possible to activate the washing system for total and homogeneous cleaning of the completely stainless steel tank. Our pasteurizer is completely in stainless steel and electropolished both internally and externally and is therefore Mo.Ca certified.

Milk pasteurizer for calves: optimize and reduce working times

The purchase of our stainless steel pasteurizer is recommended for those who have leftover milk deriving from milking which, once pasteurized, will feed the calves. Its use is simple and intuitive through the electronic board which, through a few steps once the milk has been inserted into the stainless steel tank, optimizes and reduces working times.

We had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Zappaterra again at Fieragricola in Verona 2022, where, following the many compliments received for the excellent quality of our stainless steel pasteuriser, we had the confirmation that after years, they are still pasteurized with each use 300 liters of milk in a perfectly homogeneous way. A little control maintenance has been applied following this and we hope they will continue to use our pasteuriser for a long time to come.