Minidairy Condor S.r.l.

We at Condor, an Italian company founded in 1962, offer a complete, simple and functional line for the MINI DAIRY. These are machines suitable for small and medium-sized artisanal dairy transformations, aimed at the production of cheese, yoghurt, butter and various dairy products.

The mini-dairy, offered directly by the Condor manufacturer to the end customer, allows to obtain very high quality products with a small investment.

Our Company, thanks to its decades of experience, is able to diligently follow the customer, offering not only tailor-made solutions, machinery and equipment that combine technology and ease of use, but also guaranteeing a free and personalized consultancy service, for get the most out of investment. In short, what Condor always offers is a range of high quality products, simple to use and with a very competitive economic value.

Customizable mini dairies

Our Mini Dairies are customizable plants, able to process different types of milk: goat, cow, sheep and buffalo. The capacity of the Mini Dairies ranges from 50 to 600 liters. Equipped with a programmable control panel for each type of processing and built with a triple insulated chamber, they are made entirely of FOOD-M.O.C.A. certified AISI 304 stainless steel. Our Mini Dairies, electrically gas heated or steam set up, are equipped with a rotary mixing and cutting unit.

This ensures reduced processing times and the type of structure of the tanks guarantees homogeneous, quality and low-cost processing. In short, owning a mini Condor dairy means having simple and inexpensive equipment that will produce delicious ricotta, cheese, yoghurt and mozzarella for you! Please note that our Mini Dairies are studied and designed by Condor s.r.l. for farms also lacking in space, because they almost always have extremely small working environments and that the essential kit for a mini-dairy can be completed with the addition of our dripping table, very useful for processing the curd.


Main technical characteristics of our Mini Dairy:

  • Mini dairy usable for the production of multiple types of cheese, hard, soft and more
  • Mini Dairy built entirely in internally and externally electropolished AISI 304L stainless steel and certified FOOD M.O.C.A.
  • Capacity: from 50 to 600 liters
  • Electric Power 220V or 380V - 50Hz or 60Hz
  • Heating resistors from 4 kW to 30 kW
  • Electronic thermometer for automatic temperature control
  • Control panel in mechanical or touchscreen version, with recording function of the processing phases (for verification by the competent authorities of the production cycle)
  • Special milk inlet suitable to avoid the formation of foam
  • Electric or gas or steam heating/cooling system, compliant with PED Directive 97/23/CE
  • Homogeneous heating/cooling system on bottom and walls
  • Mixer with bayonet connection for easy access to the tank and to be easily replaced with lira or spino curd
  • Special shape of the cutting blades to reduce losses and ensure maximum profit from the milk
  • Stainless steel butterfly valve for discharge
  • Access ladder from 2 to 4 steps with safety handrail
  • Automatic tank washing system of the Mini Dairy with C.I.P. - Cleaning In Place (pressure washing thanks to the hose with quick coupling on the lid)
  • Technology 4.0

Why choose our mini dairy:

  • Experience in the sector since 1962
  • Made in Italy quality (the product, from sheet metal to the finished product, is all strictly Italian)
  • Best value for money
  • Guarantee from the Producer to the User
  • High energy efficiency (with consequent time-money savings)
  • Estimate Service
  • Consulting and Planning Service
  • Education and Training Service
  • Maintenance and Management Service