TATA CALF for the Plantamura Carlo company

In the heart of Puglia, among the sunny hills of the Murgia plateau, the Plantamura company was born, a company specialized in the sale of a vast range of zootechnical feed.

What immediately struck us about the company was the concept of "food tailoring", an idea that we immediately liked because it fits perfectly with one of the principles on which Condor is based: every single customer has a different reality and a company stands out, in its professionalism, when it manages to identify and satisfy every single need.

Heater, Mixer and Dispenser of powdered milk for calves and other small animals for the Plantamura Company

Like us,they provide tailor-made answers for each individual farmer. Thanks to the attention to the customer and the many years of activity in the zootechnical feed sector, the company is well rooted in the territory of Southern Italy, becoming a point of reference not only for Puglia but also for Calabria and Basilicata.

For some time now, the customers of the Plantamura company have begun to expand their requests to other types of products, necessary in their structures. We at Condor were contacted right at this moment of growth and expansion of the company's business.

They asked us for a stainless steel Milk Powder Dispenser Mixer for calves and we answered with our TATA CALF, the Heater, Mixer and Milk Powder Dispenser for calves and other small animals.

Custom stainless steel mixer

The Mixer has a special stainless steel mixer blade that allows you to mix the milk powder evenly. The electronic speed regulator of the mixer allows you perfect control of the mixing itself, ensuring the desired result for any type of food, both liquid and creamy. Upon request, the Milk Warmer, Mixer and Dispenser can also be equipped with a special paddle for mixing fresh milk.

The distribution system is ensured by a stainless steel dosing pump. Equipped with remote control and battery powered, the milk distribution pump has a button directly on the gun, i’s controlled by the electronic board which controls the liters of milk dispensed, those to be dispensed and the quantity to be distributed for each individual animal.

The dosing pump is programmable every half litre. The external gun holder is connected to the inside of the tank to also allow the recirculation of the milk inside. Furthermore, there is an electronic control board for functions and a graduated scale every 5 liters inside the tank.

Programmable milk heater, mixer and distributor

In our Milk Powder Heater, Mixer and Distributor for calves and other small animals it is possible to program the start time of the heating cycle, in order to find the milk powder already mixed and heated, at the desired time. The insulation, which can complement our Milk Powder Heater, Mixer and Dispenser, keeps the warm milk at the right temperature.
It is equipped with a drain tap and the semi-automatic cleaning program guarantees optimal hygiene from any type of residue. The pump and distribution pipe can be completely emptied.

Mixer, distributor and heater both on wheels and with fixed base

The TATA CALF is complete with stainless steel rubber wrap and can be customized with the customer's brand. It can be with a fixed base but also with 3 large wheels suitable for all terrains, even less flat ones. The model with wheels is equipped with a very robust chassis which guarantees stability and easy use even on the roughest terrain; moreover, the turning radius is extremely small.

The electric drive motor with which our Milk Powder Heater, Mixer and Dispenser can be equipped, allows you to reach the calves without any effort. Safety during work is ensured by automatic stop in case of emergency and safe parking even uphill. It has two forward speeds, two reverse speeds and an emergency brake.


The options for the TATA CALF mixer, dispenser and heater

The best-selling optionals are the LED light to feed the animals in the darkest places in the evening, the feeder with quick coupling on the lid for washing the pressure tank and the bucket holders of various capacities. The capacity can usually vary from 100 to 2000 litres, but some breeders require even smaller ones.

The TATA CALF Heater Mixer and Distributor, as well as all Condor brand products, are built entirely in AISI 304L stainless steel, electropolished both internally and externally.
The production takes place completely within the company up to the finishes with only certified Made in Italy accessories.