The Tata mixer with wheels is available in capacities from 50 to 600 liters.

Thanks to the very strong chassis and its large wheels, stability and easy use are guaranteed even on the most inaccessible terrain; furthermore, the turning radius is extremely small.

The electric traction motor which the mixer can be equipped, allows to reach the calves without any effort. Safety during the work is ensured by an automatic stop in case of emergency and safe parking even uphill. It has two forward speeds, two reverse speeds and an emergency brake.

The distribution system is guaranteed by a stainless steel dosing pump. Equipped with a remote control and battery powered, the pump is controlled by the electronic board that controls the liters dispensed, those to be dispensed and the amount to be dispensed to each animal. The distributor gun, thanks to the non-return valve, allows the milk to be dispensed while remaining comfortably seated on the tractor.

It can be customized and equipped with accessories such as:

  • Isolated tank

  • Bottle holder

  • Buckets holder

  • Colostrum pot holder

  • LED lights to feed the animals in the evening

  • Remote control of the distribution pump

  • Double dispensing dosing pump

  • Divosfera with quick connection on the lid for pressure washing of the tank

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