M.O.C.A Certification

M.O.C.A. food contact materials

The recently implemented Regulation 1935/2004/EC (Framework Regulation on MOCAs) stipulates that materials and articles destined to come into contact with food must be provided with a written declaration stating that they comply with the regulations in place


Guideline 2006/42/EC Annex I Part 2.1. The Machinery guideline implemented by legislative decree no. 17 of 27/01/2010 introduces the obligation for machinery manufacturers to carry out a risk assessment and to use contact materials that are in accordance with the applicable guideline. The applicable framework directive for manufacturers of materials or objects in contact with food is Framework Regulation (EC) 1935/2004.

GMP REG. 2020/2006/CE

IN ACCORDANCE WITH REGULATION (EC) 1935/2004. The Regulation (EC) 2023/2006 introduces the obligation to apply GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES OF MATERIALS which consists of using a particular methodology of risk assessment of the entire company in order not to constitute a danger to human health during the use of materials in contact with food of any kind. Basically, the regulation defines the common rules for the application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to which all manufacturers, processors and distributors of materials or objects are subjected in order to constantly ensure the conformity and safety of finished products.


Materials and objects in contact with food are regulated by both national and European measures. Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 establishes the general requirements to be met by all materials and articles.


Since 10/02/2017, all manufacturers are obliged to notify the competent health authority that they are manufacturers of materials or objects in contact with food


Traceability (Art. 17 Reg. (EC) 1935/2004) a) The traceability of materials and objects must be ensured at all stages in order to facilitate control, the return of defective products, and to provide information to customers and, finally, to attribute responsibility; b) Raw materials and materials used for processing must be traceable. For this purpose, it is necessary to have a procedure that allows the identification of the companies from which and to which the materials and objects produced, processed or distributed were delivered.

MATERIAL SUITABLE FOR FOOD CONTACT D.M 21/03/1973 D.M 140 11/11/2013

The materials to be tested must be included in this list. Other food contact materials are regulated by specific measures: ceramics, aluminium, etc.


Laboratory testing of migration. Migration is the transfer (passage, release) of substances from the material or packaging or container to the food must always be evaluated


Declaration of Conformity based on Art. 1935 The manufacturer of food-contact substances is obliged to provide the supplied material with a declaration of conformity, which must be kept for inspection by the competent authority and in the event of a production batch recall.

SANZIONI D.LGS 29 DEL 10/02/2017

PENALTY REGIME In the case of non-compliance with the various regulations governing the subject matter, there are many penalties that companies may face Legislative Decree No. 29 of 10 February 2017. Below is the list of applicable penalties for violations of the legislative regulations in question: Main penalties Art.2 paragraph 1 : Production, marketing and use of MOCAs that constitute a danger to human health. Penalties from 10,000 to 80,000 euro. Art.2 paragraph 2 : Production, marketing and use of MOCAs in violation of overall migration limits or non-compliance with good manufacturing practice. Penalties from 7,500 to 60,000 euro.

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