Mini dairy and multi-purpose stainless steel farm for the Cascina Pedrotti farm

One of the sectors of dairy technology, in which our Condor, leader in processing of stainless steel, has strongly developed, enhancing the mechanization of activities, is that of tools for coagulating milk and curd processing.

Thanks to our Polivalente - Mini dairies / Mini Dairy, created for thermal transformation milk (from 4°C to 100°C) in dairy products, you can produce yoghurt, ricotta, robiola, stracchino, blue cheeses, caciotta and much more. Today we want to tell you about the wonderful experience at the Lombard farm "Cascina Pedrotti", lived by our owner Monica Bigliardi and her direct report Claudia Balbo, both participants in the course held by the famous Prof. Alessandro De Cesaris also known as the “Caciocavaliere”.

We will never stop thanking Alessandro, not only for his enthusiasm and competence over twenty years in the milk processing and livestock production industry dairy products, but also and above all for his infinite generosity, which he did not hesitate to reveal many secrets of cheesemaking.

Over the two days our very great tutor, using our new Polivalente (Mini Dairy) showed us the various types of milk, their structure, the types of farming, their classification, the use of rennet and lactic ferments, including the basic techniques for producing cheese and derivatives. During the course, we at Condor presented him our latest Mini Dairy, totally renovated, which has masterfully produced delicious mozzarella, caciotta, stracchino, ricotta and yoghurt!


Processing phases of the Mini Dairy

We would like to underline that, if the varieties of cheeses are numerous, the principle of cheese making is common to the various types and includes the following processing stages:

  • Milk preparation (with analysis and pasteurization)

  • Coagulation (with rennet and ferments)

  • Breaking the curd (with a spino or lyre)

  • Cooking

  • Extraction of the curd

  • Fita

  • Salting

  • Maturation


Versatile for the production of cheeses and derivatives

Our Polivalente (Minicaseificio / Minidairy), for the production of cheese and derivatives dairy products, is composed of a tank with insulated and totally electropolished wall in AISI 304L stainless steel, which can be fixed or tiltable (on the ground, liftable and cradle), single or double and with platform and operator mezzanine. It will win you over with its robustness, flexibility, completeness and ease of use, precisely because it pasteurises, refrigerates, matures and cooks, ensuring goodness and absolute health in the production.


How our Polivalente works

Its operation is simple: you load the milk into the tank, select the cycle processing, the milk is transformed into the selected product and the product is stored or extracted. Therefore, thanks to our Polivalente you get an accurate cut, the distribution homogeneous of the curd grains and the reduction of the presence of defects and waste in the product the final.


Mini Dairy / Mini Dairy in stainless steel

The Multipurpose or Mini dairy in Condor stainless steel, therefore, in addition to offer maximum guarantee of safety and reliability, blend the benefits of the dairy technology with a love of craftsmanship. We know well that, for the cheesemaker, every detail is not only important, but also necessary in order to produce an excellent cheese from the best raw milk: for such reason, our company will be able to personalize all your requests, realizing the configuration of the Polivalente or Mini Dairy, perfectly corresponding to your needs.

With the hope of always offering you maximum help and multiplying your earnings, we remind you that our Polivalente or Mini Dairy for milk is an extraordinary machine, highly performing, built entirely in AISI 304L stainless steel, with electropolishing performed both internally and externally.


Features and operation:

  • System built in electropolished AISI 304L stainless steel from 50 to 500 liters

  • Can be used for the production of many types of cheese, hard, soft and pasta spun and more

  • Electrical system with computerized system for the management of all functions

  • Special milk inlet suitable to avoid the formation of foam

  • Steam or hot water heating/cooling system

  • Separate heating/cooling system for bottom and walls

  • Cutting and agitator programmability for efficient curd treatment (type and speed)

  • Synchronization of the position of the stirrers and of the rotational movement

  • Special shape of the cutting blades to reduce losses and ensure maximum profit from milk

  • Switch for the direction of agitation in opposite directions

  • Electronic thermometer for automatic temperature control

  • Control panel in mechanical or touchscreen version

  • Stainless steel drain cock

  • C.I.P. automatic washing system (Cleaning In Place)

  • FOOD M.O.C.A. Certification.