Made entirely in stainless steel aisi 304L, electro-polished both internally and externally

The Condor complete receiver units can be provided with all the types of receiver jars, both vertical and horizontal, in capacities from 35 to 400 liters. They can be powered at 230V-380V, 50Hz- 60Hz.

The units are designed and built with extreme flexibility, in order to adapt to every type of milking room. They can be also made with or without wall support panel.We are able to make every component or accessory according to the customer design, even for single units. Each piece is made in stainless steel.

The receiver units consist of the following components:

  • Receiver jar in capacities from 35 to 40 liters, both vertical and horizontal

  • Upper lid

  • Side lids for horizontal receiver jar model

  • Sanitary trap 10 and 20 liters in both vertical and horizontal design.

  • 230V or 380V stainless steel milk pump, from 0.75 to 1- 1,5 Hp, with DN- Packo- De Laval output connections

  • Milk filter holder

  • Level regulation probe

  • Electric control panel for starting and stopping the milk pump.

  • Stainless steel support stirrups

  • Stainless steel pump cover

  • Rubber hoses and connections

  • Stainless steel clamps for pipes

  • Connecting clamps

  • Rubber pipes

All the receiver units are made entirely within the company and they have M.O.C.A. certification.

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