Livestock equipment

Condor thanks to its sixty-year experience, acquired in the national and international field in the sector of stainless steel processing, is able to offer innovative proposals and solutions also in the field of zoo-technical equipment for cattle, sheep and pigs, aimed at achieving animal welfare.

Aware that the agricultural sector has progressively structured itself, focusing more and more on multifunctional mechanics and rationalization of company management, over the years we have developed a wide range of work tools, indispensable especially for farms dedicated to breeding and zoo-technology.

Design, development, production and installation of zoo-technical equipment

To create our machines we use state-of-the-art design software that allows us to realize, in detail, your most peculiar requests. The design, development, production and installation processes of our zoo-techincal equipment are MOCA certified and ensure excellence in terms of product quality, safety and reliability.

Since our production of animal husbandry equipment is equipped with the important M.O.C.A (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) certification, according to Regulation 1935/2004/EC we guarantee not only compliance with certain mandatory requirements regarding food hygiene, but also the quality of the product at all stages of the processing and transport process, avoiding alterations on its final goodness.

Stainless steel animal husbandry equipment

We offer valid solutions not only to agricultural companies, but also to individual professionals active in the agricultural and zoo-technical equipment sector who need a reliable partner capable of providing them with equipments with high quality standards.

Our company produces and markets equipment for animal feed and feed distribution systems, all strictly in Made in Italy stainless steel, electropolished internally and externally.

Design, production and service on all types of zoo-technical facilities

To this end, Condor has an efficient production office that follows every single step of the design of zoo-technical facilities and equipment. All the machines used for our processing are designed and manufactured within the company by our team of technicians and designers.

Thanks to the great experience of our technicians we are able to provide assistance on all types of zoo-technical systems, realizing any customer request.

Our technicians are always available to the customer

We have developed new communication technologies, new information and visibility systems, using internet with the aim of reducing time and distances, in tune with the new needs of the global market. We have an efficient commercial service, which follows the customer from the acquisition of the order to complete fulfillment.

Getting in touch with us is very simple as the sales department, always available to the customer, will guide you in the best choice, allowing you to talk to our experts.

Ours is a production of the highest quality, which ranges in every area of zoo-techincal equipment: components for milking rooms, stainless steel containers for liquid and solid feed, gates and boxes, feeders. We offer a fast and efficient estimation service, adapted to your production times and, with rapid on-site interventions, we offer the opportunity to evaluate together with our experts the most effective solutions for your needs. Finally, we take care of transport and delivery directly on site.

Our production plant, modern and bright, is located in Reggio Emilia in Via F. Cilea, 5.

Why choose our products

  • High Quality Made in Italy
  • Estimate service (S)
  • Consulting and design service
  • Training and training service
  • Maintenance and management service
  • Transport and delivery service

The main advantages of stainless steel

  • High resistance to corrosion, aggressive substances and breakage
  • High temperature resistance (low and high)
  • High resistance to unpleasant colors
  • High ductility and durability
  • Highly hygienic and magnetism-free material
  • Good electrical management