Photo of a Condor S.r.l. calf milk mixer

Condor srl has been working stainless steel for the zoo-technical/agricultural and dairy sector for over 58 years. All these years of experience, combined with constant contact with those directly interested in the use of products, have allowed Condor srl to present itself as a world leader in the production of stainless steel components and accessories.

We make milking room accessories, stainless steel tanks and tanks for transporting milk and food liquids, milk mixers for calves on wheels, milk mixers for fixed calves, milk pasteurizers on wheels, fixed milk pasteurizers, milk heaters and much more. Condor is specialized in custom-made stainless steel processing at the specific request of the customer. Each item produced can be modified according to individual customer requests, both for accessories for milking plants and for calf milk mixers, for milk pasteurizers, tanks, but also for processing to the exclusive design of the customer..

Calf management

Calf is the future of the farm, the first period of life, considered too often "unproductive" of the animal, should not be overlooked. The first phase of life is very delicate, carelessness or low running costs risk compromising the health and life of calves. Among the costs of managing the calfskin, in addition to the suitable facilities and medical expenses, there is also the correct feeding of the calf. Trying to save on calf nutrition, in addition to being able to cause death, causes poor growth, resulting in a delay in the fertilization age. Calf milk mixers and dispensers are an important and indispensable aid in the preparation and distribution of food. Milk mixers, as well as milk pasteurizers, help the breeder and improve calf health.


Why do breeders choose Condor srl mixers?

Condor srl processes stainless steel only of the highest certified quality, has an experience of over half a century, buys only material of Italian origin and completes all the processing cycles of stainless steel within its plants. Stainless steel enters in Condor and comes out as the finished product certified Food Mo.Ca. We are very sensitive to the health of the veal and all our items, including those intended for zoo-technical and breeding, are Food Mo.Ca. certified. Condor srl produces and processes only stainless steel and all the products are then electropolished and sanitized.

The Condor calf milk mixer is made entirely of stainless steel, the electrical and electronic components are of exclusive certified high quality Italian production. Stainless steel, with which we make both our products and those made and machined to measure on specific customer request, is guaranteed for life. The Condor calf milk mixer allows you to improve the life and health of calves because it is built and produced with passion, seriousness, quality and direct experience with breeders, a precious source of information to always improve products.


Condor milk mixers

The Condor milk mixer ensures perfect mixing of milk powder, bringing the water temperature to the temperature set by the breeder. Once the breeder has finished preparing the milk, the mixer also acts as a direct distributor, thanks to its metering pump and stainless steel base complete with large wheels and therefore suitable for all soils. The insulated mixers guarantee the same distribution temperature from the first to the last calf, while the metering pump ensures the correct dispensing and in the right quantity to each individual calf.

Properly feeding calves improves their survival rate and Condor, with its milk mixers and pasteurizers, is the ideal partner. We have the pleasure and satisfaction of counting among our customers many farms that have chosen our mixers to improve the health of calves, but also to give an indispensable help to the operator and significantly decrease the distribution time of the food, guaranteeing its temperature and quality.

Rimale Seal Mixer

One of the customers who bought a milk mixer is the ´´Tenuta di Rimale di Fidenza´´Tenuta farm, by Count Antonio Omati Corbellini. Count Omati Antonio, a very prepared person, attentive and scrupulous in quality of purchases, after various research came to visit our company together with the operator who would use the milk mixer.

We delivered the milk mixer to the Omati company, greatly lightening and speeding up the work of the operator in charge. The Tenuta di Rimale mixer is equipped with an electric traction motor to facilitate the work of the operator, complete with a metering pump to ensure the right quality of milk for calves.

Mixers for an organic farming company

The organic farm company ‘’Cozzano’’ also turned to Condor to buy the mixers. We were contacted for a milk powder mixer and a milk pasteurizer, replacing one purchased from another much less awaited manufacturer. The previous milk mixer remained almost completely unused, as the company that produced it, once sold, didn’t provide any kind of assistance. The quality and seriousness of Condor srl in after-sales management and assistance mean that customers can always work in peace. The organic farming company ‘’Cozzano’’ is very attentive to the health and management of calves. The owner contacted us after the acquisition of information regarding the seriousness of Condor and the quality of the products made.

The milk mixer supplied in this case also acts as a pasteurized fresh milk heater and dispenser with the Condor milk pasteurizer. The company is located in the hills and the milk mixer they purchased was built with an electric traction motor, facilitating and allowing the distribution of milk to calves even located in areas not easily accessible. Slopes on this farm are important, but the Condor milk mixer, equipped with large wheels, has no stability and traction problem, even in areas with important descents and climbs or in the presence of soils with gravel and earth.

Customized milk mixers

Condor has been producing calf milk mixers since 2005 and has always been attentive to the quality of the material, in order to improve performance to safeguard the health of calves and safely facilitate and speed up the work of the operators involved. For the breeder it is very important to have the certainty of a present and collaborative company in case of problems and Condor srl ensures all this. We can produce milk mixers for dairy calves, but also for calves intended for breeding from meat. They are also purchased to distribute milk to piglets and other animals and can be custom built, following every single customer need, maintaining the same quality and safety that distinguishes Condor srl products.