Three cows in a stable

Every dairy cow farm needs to ensure continuity of production. This passes through the health and growth of calves which, especially in the first few months of life, must be fed correctly in order to grow healthily and thus guarantee continuity in the life and production of the herd.

In the various operations to carry out, from feeding the calves to milking, up to dairy production, Condor srl is able to supply machinery and equipment made with the best AISI 304L stainless steel. We are aware of the importance of feeding calves and we know the difficulties that this procedure can present; for this reason we have made available different models of milk powder mixers. Before going into the merits of our models, let's see what are the characteristics of a milk mixer, how it is made, what its functions are.

What is a milk mixer

To achieve optimal growth and healthy calves, a very precise feeding program must be started immediately after birth. If done correctly, this process allows to anticipate fertilization and consequently the age at first birth, as well as to outline a herd of dairy cows with a longer production career and increased milk production by 6-10%. Once the colostrum feeding cycle is complete, the calves can be fed with milk powder, which must be prepared at the right concentration and administered twice a day. In order to best meet the needs of calves, especially during the first two weeks of life, it is necessary to put in place a detailed food program, so that the calf is able to ingest enough food to meet its food needs. Only in this way the best possible growth and optimal health can be achieved. All this can be achieved with Condor srl milk powder mixers, totally built in stainless steel, available in various models to satisfy all needs.

Milk mixer functions and fields of use

Condor Srl Milk Powder Mixer allows a precise and repeatable somministration for every single calve. TATA Mixer mix perfectly and at the right temperature the milk powder. The special mixing paddle, specifically designed for this use, in in fact capable of mixing the milk powder without leaving lumps. The heating system,where presents, is located at the tank base, in order to guaranteed a constant keeping of the selected temperature. In this way, it'll be possible to obtain a milk ready to be immediately distribuited to the calves. Condor Srl TATA Mixer are used for the preparation of milk for calves, piglets and for any context where there is a need to prepare and mix food perfectly.

Processing of milk in the mixer

Condor mixers are made in different versions: with or without wheels, with or without heat sytem, with or without distribution dosing pump. They are all made in first choice aisi 304L stainless steel, electropolished certified and FOOD guaranteed. To prepare the food correctly, you need to put the right amount of water in the container, based on the number of calves to be fed. If the mixer is not equipped with a heating system, it will be necessary to use already hot water at a temperature of about 3-4 degrees higher than the ideal distribution temperature. Then add the correct quantity of milk powder and operate the motor of the special mixer, specially designed to obtain perfect lump-free mixing. If, instead, the TATA mixer is equipped with a heater, once you have put the right amount of water inside the tank, you need to set the ideal temperature on the control panel, which is simple, clear and intuitive to use. Once the desired temperature is reached, add the milk powder and operate the mixer. The heating of the water, which is used to obtain the milk powder, can be programmed twice a day, so as to find the milk ready for both the morning meal and the evening meal. All mixers have a completely stainless steel drain and equipped with an outlet filter. The dosing pump, present on all models with wheels, can be programmed every half liter and during the course of work, during distribution to the calves, the quantity of milk can obviously be changed. The electronic control of the pump itself ensures the delivery of milk to the desired and previously set quantity. The dose of milk dispensed is always exact, regardless of the quantity of milk contained in the tank.

Milk mixer: why they're made in stainless steel

The calf ensures the continuity of the herd, which makes it very important and valuable for the farm, which finds convenience in finding the right nutrition to allow it to grow and in purchasing machinery that meets hygiene and health standards. On the market you can find mixers made of plastic or galvanized iron, but these are toxic and dangerous for the delicate growth of the calf, especially in the first two weeks. Our mixers, on the other hand, are entirely made of first choice certified AISI 304L stainless steel. They are also further sanitized and sanitized with the electropolishing treatment, making them 100% suitable for food and food.

The importance of the M.O.C.A. certification for milk mixer

Our company has chosen to use, for all its production range, only 100% Italian components and certified first quality stainless steel, only of European origin. This for guarantee to all our customers the highest quality. Also the mixers are made with the same high quality of the components for the milking parlors, of the accessories for the dairies and of the products for the restaurant. All products manufactured by Condor with first choice AISI 304L and 316L stainless steel are made entirely within the company, to have total control of the processes and ensure the high quality of the final products. In addition to the raw material, subsequent processing, including certified electropolishing, allows you to obtain the 100% MOCA FOOD brand. All our products, from those for feeding calves to products for restaurants, are FOOD-MOCA certified, with the guarantee that these brands confirm.