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Condor, after specializing in the construction of milk transport bins, first in aluminum and then in stainless steel, accessories for dairies, buckets and lids for milking machines, terminal vessels, sanitary pots and stainless steel components for milking salt in cattle breeding, has greatly expanded the range of its products in recent years.

In fact, our company manufactures, among its many excellent products, storage tanks, tanks and mixers in 304L stainless steel, in compliance with current European regulations.

The peculiar experience gained, supported by the considerable attention to technological evolution, allows us to create tanks and mixers of high quality standards, thanks to the precious quality of the materials used, all made in Italy, and to the high level of design and production specialization.

Tanks and cisterns

The tanks and cisterns, in particular, produced within the Condor company in AISI 304L stainless steel, non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel, and electropolished both inside and outside, are built with a simple wall or insulated with high-performance certified materials.

Our products, available to one or more compartments and made both horizontally and vertically, are suitable for the containment and transport of any food liquid, oenological or industrial process derivative, such as milk, wine, beverages, water, beer, olive oil, vegetable oils in general, vinegar, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic products, chemicals, solvents and paints, fuels and lubricants.

M.O.C.A. Certification

We proudly point out that our production is equipped with the important M.O.C.A. certification. (Food Contact Materials and Objects). According to Regulation 1935/2004/EC, it guarantees not only compliance with certain mandatory requirements regarding food hygiene, but also the quality of the product at all stages of the processing and transport process, avoiding alterations on its final goodness.

Stainless steel tanks and tanks dimensions

Made with capacities from 50 to 2000 liters according to customer request and equipped with stainless steel butterfly drain valve, our products can be supplied with 230V or 380V stainless steel transfer pump. In particular, the tanks can be equipped with indoor, outdoor wheels, with and without parking brake or support on the base and brackets, to allow them to be moved with forklifts. On request, the tanks can also be complete with base and brackets for moving with forklifts or complete with fixing feet.

Tata Brrr icy water tanks

For the internal cycle milk cooling system we propose the use of our “TATA BRRR”, a tank for the production of icy water made entirely of 304L stainless steel, which ensures a series of advantages both in the management and in the optimization of working times.

Our cold water cooling system allows you to start and program the pasteurization processes of milk and its cooling, with the certainty of finding the product ready for distribution at the established time. These tanks for the production of icy water also make it possible to make optimal use of electricity. Recall that cooling freshly milked milk is essential to preserve its properties and, if done quickly, is useful and effective for minimizing the multiplication of microorganisms and bacteria.

Our flexibility of design and construction therefore allows us to respond to the most varied requests, being able to create tanks and tanks according to the customer's design also for individual units and to provide any type of accessory or particular attachment.