Stainless steel processing

Since 1963 Condor Inox has been a world leader in the processing and treatment of stainless steel and metal surfaces.

After specializing in the construction of milk transport bins, dairy accessories, milking buckets and lids, end pots, sanitary pots and stainless steel components for milking salt in cattle breeding, in recent years we have expanded the product range.

From design to finished product, we operate in multiple industries such as:

  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial-industr
  • Soootechnics-veterinary
  • Dairy
  • Metalworking Mechanics
  • Oenological
  • Health-hospital
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture
  • Agriculture
  • Architectur
  • Nautical
  • Sports accessories such as golf carts and accessories
  • Up to the smallest objects.

Our production, exclusively internal and subjected to the strictest quality controls, guarantees certified top quality processing in:

  • AISI 304L stainless steel
  • Nonmagnetic austenitic stainless steel
  • Electrolyzed both internally and externally
  • MOCA and Made in Italy certificates.


Electropolishing stainless steel

The electropolishing of stainless steel is a treatment of fundamental importance as the finish of the product is glossy, uniform and shiny in all its parts, highly resistant to the corrosive process, with strong thermal conductivity and with reduced sensitivity to the hydrogen embrittlement process, that is, to fragility and breakage.

Types of stainless steel processing

Calendering, bending and shearing sheet metal cutting, very high definition HDP plasma cutting, light metal carpentry, welding for third parties of stainless steel and iron (carbon steel), production of stainless steel tanks to design, molding of medium-small stainless steel parts, calendering and bending stainless steel pipes are just some of our activities.

Stainless steel treatments

We are experts in electropolishing treatments, pickling, passivation of stainless steel, tumbling, micro shot peening on stainless steel, flat and belt satin finishing for flat processing, automatic cylindrical artifacts and also for treatments of nautical accessories in stainless steel, maritime, saline and thermal environments.

We work for this purpose in collaboration with cabinetmakers, engineers and decorators. All the equipment used for stainless steel processing is designed and manufactured by our team of technicians and designers with in-depth knowledge of the materials, production needs and performance of the various production sectors managed over the almost 60 years of activity.

Quality processing: Stainless steel and sheet metal processing

The processes of the Condor company provide for very strict quality controls, aimed at guaranteeing the maximum result in the processing of sheet metal and stainless steel. Condor has virtually unlimited strength and production potential in the field of mechanical stainless steel processing of all kinds, able to guarantee maximum expansion and improvement of company productivity.

For us at Condor stainless steel is a living material, which we work with vigor, power and precision. Using our great human and technological experience, we can make the highest quality stainless steel products at competitive prices, with punctual and accurate delivery times.

Quality products and procedures are a wealth that translates into professionalism and expertise. All this positions us in the stainless steel market as suppliers of the highest profile. Condor therefore, thanks to its great sense of responsibility, will become your only reference, ensuring the highest quality of the products made for you and continuous assistance in time of need.

Main advantages of stainless steel

  • High resistance to corrosion, aggressive substances and breakage
  • High temperature resistance (low and high)
  • High resistance to unpleasant colors and high
  • High ductility and durability
  • Highly hygienic and magnetism-free material
  • Good electrical management.

Why choose our steel products

  • High quality made in Italy
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