Multipurpose machine for the Il Saracello agricultural company dairy

Capraia is a volcanic island in the Tuscan archipelago, probably the wildest for its rocky coasts overlooking the sea and its low vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean scrub. In this unique and extraordinary territory it is located the farm "Il Saracello".

Stainless steel multipurpose machine

The “Il Saracello” dairy, founded in 2016, carries out as its main activity the breeding of livestock aimed at the production and trade of fresh pasteurized goat milk, fresh and aged cheeses, ricotta and other products derived from the processing of goat's milk. The company's goal was immediately to bring Capraia back to the ancient practice of breeding dairy goats and the production of goat cheese.

With great pride we at Condor can say that the goodness of the products of the “Il Saracello” dairy is also our merit. In fact, we delivered on site, after having built it in every detail, the special Condor multipurpose stainless steel milk machine with which the company will produce its tasty cheeses! We would like to remind you that the multipurpose stainless steel for milk and cheeses made by Condor allow the processing of milk, with thermal variations ranging from 4 ° C to 100 ° C, thanks to electric, gas and steam heating, thus generating cheeses of different types. Our multipurpose tanks are designed in compliance with international standards, including MOCA certification, and the latest achievements in the dairy sector.


Multipurpose milk processing machines

Our Condor multipurpose machines for milk and cheese will conquer you for their robustness, flexibility, completeness and ease of use, precisely because they pasteurize, refrigerate, mature and cook, ensuring goodness and absolute health in production, the phases of which will all be documented thanks to the registration system of the various cycles. The operation is also very simple: you load the milk inside the tank, select the processing cycle on the display, with digital or analog control, transform the milk into the selected product and choose whether to store or extract it.


Multipurpose steel machine

Thanks to our Condor multipurpose stainless steel for milk and their programs, a perfectly processed product is obtained, for careful cutting, for the homogeneous distribution of curd grains and for the reduction of the presence of defects and waste in the final product. We know well that for the cheesemaker every detail is not only important, but necessary in order to produce an excellent cheese with the best raw milk. For this reason, Condor is be able to customize your every request, creating the configuration of the multipurpose stainless steel certified Food MOCA perfectly corresponding to your needs, as we have done for the company "Il Saracello" and for all our customers.

We can't help but share our experience in Capraia with you the emotion experienced in admiring the flock composed of alpine chamois goats, discovering together with the shepherd the characteristics, the peculiarity of the breed and taking a quiet walk in their company. We discovered with amazement the curious sweetness of the goats, accompanied them to pasture and appreciated the wise and ardent experience of the company "Il Saracello" in producing its high quality cheeses, in which you can taste all the fragrances of the Mediterranean scrub!


Main technical characteristics of our multipurpose machine

  • AISI 304L stainless steel machine electropolished internally and externally

  • Condor Multipurpose can be used for the production of multiple types of hard cheese, spring paste and more

  • Heating/cooling or electric or gas or steam system

  • Separate heating/cooling system for bottom and walls

  • Cutting and agitator programming for efficient curd treatment (type and speed)

  • Bayonet Attached Mixer for Easy Removal and Replacement with Frangicagliated Lira or Spino

  • Special shape of cutting blades to reduce losses and ensure maximum profit from mil

  • Electronic thermometer for automatic temperature control

  • Mechanical or touchscreen control panel, with function of recording the processing phases for verification by the competent authorities of the production cycle

  • 2 to 4 steps access staircases with safety handrail

  • C.I.P. Automatic Washing System (Cleaning In Place)


Why choose our multipurpose machine

  • High quality Made in Italy
  • Estimated service.
  • Consulting and design service.
  • Training and training service.
  • Maintenance and management service.
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