Multi-purpose machine for stainless steel dairies

One of the sectors of dairy technology in which Condor has strongly developed, enhancing the mechanization of activities, is the one of tools for milk coagulation and curd processing.

Condor multipurpose capabilities

Our Condor multipurposes are machines with capacities from 50 to 1000 liters, created for the thermal transformation of milk into dairy products such as yogurt, ricotta, aged, robiole, stracchino, blue, caciotte, spreads. The Condor multipurposes allow milk processing, with thermal variations ranging from 4°C to 100°C, thanks to electric, gas and steam heating, thus generating cheeses of different types.

Our Condor multipurpose tanks are designed in compliance with international standards and the latest achievements in the dairy sector; we have gone from ancient open copper boilers to those closed in stainless steel, more hygienic and suitable for producing clot and curd in a mechanical and automated way.


Multipurpose dairy: processing

We would like to emphasize that, although the varieties of cheese are numerous, the cheesemaking principle is common to the various types and includes the following processing phases:

  • Milk preparation with analysis and pasteurization
  • Coagulation with rennet and ferments
  • Breaking the curd with thorn or lyre
  • Cooking
  • Extracting curd
  • Putting in shape
  • Salting
  • Maturation


M.O.C.A. certified multipurpose

Our Condor multipurpose, strictly MOCA certified (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food) consists of a tank with insulated and electropolished wall, totally in AISI 304L stainless steel. It can be fixed or tiltable (ground, liftable and cradle), single or double and with platform and loft operator.

It will win you over for its robustness, flexibility, completeness and ease of use, precisely because it pasteurizes, refrigerates, matures and cooks, ensuring goodness and absolute health in production, the phases of which will all be documented thanks to the registration system of the various cycles.


How does a multipurpose dairy work

Its operation is simple: you load the milk inside the tank, you select the processing cycle on the display with digital or analog control then you transform the milk into the selected product and you store or extract it.

Thanks to our multipurposes and their “programs” we obtain a perfectly elaborate product, for the careful cutting, for the homogeneous distribution of curd grains and for the reduction of the presence of defects and waste in the final product.

Condor systems, in addition to offering maximum guarantee of safety and reliability, blend in a single body the benefits of dairy technology with a love for craftsmanship.

We know well that for the cheesemaker every detail is not only important, but necessary in order to produce an excellent cheese with the best raw milk. For this reason, our company is able to customize your every request, creating the configuration of the multipurpose perfectly corresponding to your needs.


Characteristics of the multipurpose and its operation

  • System built entirely of AISI 304L stainless steel

  • The Condor Multipurpose is usable for the production of multiple types of cheese, hard pasta, spring paste and more

  • Electrical system with computerized system for the management of all the functions and phases of the processing process

  • Special milk entry suitable for avoiding foaming

  • Electric or gas or steam heating/cooling system

  • Separate heating/cooling system for bottom and walls

  • Shear and shaker programming for efficient curd treatment by type and speed

  • Bayonet mount mixer for easy removal and replacement with lyre or fringed pin

  • Synchronization of agitator position and rotary motion

  • Special shape of cutting blades to reduce losses and ensure maximum profit from milk

  • Switch for agitation direction in opposite directions.

  • Electronic thermometer for automatic temperature control

  • Control panel in mechanical or touchscreen version, with function of recording the processing phases for verification of the production cycle by the competent authorities

  • Exhaust faucet

  • Access stairs from 2 to 4 steps with safety handrail

  • Automatic washing system C.I.P. (Cleaning In Place)