Photo of cows inside a milking parlor

For over 55 years Condor srl has been active worldwide in the zootechnical and dairy sector. At the beginning of the fifties, Condor produced aluminum cans for transporting milk, small accessories for dairies and for the breeding of farmyard animals.

In the following years, the company, always very careful to the needs of domestic and foreign markets, invested to purchase the equipment needed to produce stainless steel cans for milk transport, stainless steel buckets for milking machines and relative lids.

Terminal Receiver Jars

The constantly evolving market presented the demand for tanks for fixed milking parlors, so Condor has once again invested in the production of large molds and machinery for the production of stainless steel terminal jars for the milking parlor. Everything is produced within our company; we can produce from the simple terminal vessel to the complete terminal unit, ready to be installed. The capacities of our terminal jars vary from lt. 35 up to a maximum of lt. 300. Like all accessories and machinery, even the terminal jars are all produced within the company and upon specific request of each individual customer, as per the sanitary jars lt. 10 and lt. 20, which can be combined with terminal jars and relative lids.

The stainless steel terminal jars and the stainless steel sanitary jars are produced in both vertical and horizontal versions, adaptable to any type of need, whether it is space, size or other special requests. The terminal jars for the milking parlor are made in many different solutions: entrances with tangential pipes or front pipes, of various sizes, Clamp, DN or SMS connections. There are no limits to the achievable solutions! Some multinational companies that deal with the installation of complete milking systems collaborate continuously with Condor, to create components and accessories for customized milking parlors installed all over the world. Our production also includes single units and terminal jars to replace the glass or plastic ones.

Milking Parlor Components on Request

We are able to manufacture stainless steel pumps for milk, stainless steel tanks for the transport and containment of milk and food liquids, mixers, pasteurizers, equipment for dairies and accessories for professional and community kitchens. All these items are constantly updated with all the recent technologies, following the new systems and accessories.
A marked production flexibility has always allowed us to create tailor-made items, even for the production of small quantities, and to present ourselves as real partners in Italy and in the world in solving the many problems that customers may encounter.

The constant comparison with our customers has allowed us to perfect our products and to develop new projects and new ideas; our production, completely Made in Italy, is constantly evolving. We pay great attention to the choice of raw materials and the quality of the components, developing a capillary control in all stages of processing up to the final electropolishing that sanitizes and disinfect the surfaces making them stainless and perfectly suitable for containing food liquids. From design to finished product, FOOD certified, all is made entirely within the company.

Complete Receivers Units

Condor can manufacture terminal units complete with all components and accessories, custom made and based on a design supplied by the customer, completely in stainless steel. Availability in different sizes, capacities, power supplies, to meet all needs. Vertical or horizontal solutions, with wall support panel.

Jars Lids

We build lids for jars and terminal units, modeled and customized according to the positions and widths of the tubes, with or without washing sparayer. If you choose to have it, it can be fixed or mobile.

Buckets and accessories

Even the milking buckets, indispensable in every milking parlor, can be made in different capacities and with different diameters, in order to be adapted to all milking machines. The edge can be rolled up or full reinforced.

Sanitary Trap

Horizontal or vertical sanitary vases, designed with great flexibility and versatility, thanks to the production line completely inside Condor. Customizable for different diameters and types of pipes, with or without bracket for wall attachment. These too, like all milking parlor products, are MOCA certified.

Filter Holders

The filter holders are essential to guarantee the quality of the milk and a good hygienic conservation, separating the impurities. They also contribute to cleaning the udders of the cows and the milking parlor.

Level Probes

Condor offers electroid or floating ball level probes to control and manage the filling of terminal jars and tanks. Custom made, for every need and adaptable to all types of milking parlors. They can be connected to milk pumps for even more precise management.

S/S Milk inlets

Condor propone sonde di livello a elettroidi o con sfera galleggiante, per controllare e gestire il riempimento di vasi terminali e serbatoi. Realizzabili su misura, per ogni esigenza e adattabili a tutte le tipologie di sala mungitura. Possono essere collegate alle pompe latte per una gestione ancora più precisa. Uguale a paragrafo delle sonde.

Cans and Strainers

We produce stainless steel cans, with relative funnels, which can be used for milk, wine, vinegar, drinks and other food liquids thanks to the FOOD MOCA certification. Available with different capacities, even custom made, and with different types of lid.

Milk Pumps

Condor centrifugal milk pumps are completely in AISI 304L stainless steel, Made in Italy, MOCA certified and available in different models. They ensure optimal decanting and fast transport, but at the same time delicate in order not to alter the milk.