Pasteurizer mixer and milk transport tank TATA Trailer for Milch Technik 2005

Company Milch-Technik 2005

Milch-Technik 2005 company, founded in 1994, is located in Kaposvár, a city southwest of Hungary.

Its main activity falls within the field of job equipment dealers; in fact, since its establishment, it has focused on commissioning industrial machinery and equipment, including zoo-technical technology offerings for the breeding and milk processing industries.

TATA TRAILER 500 for Milch-Technik 2005

Thanks to the peculiarity and efficiency of its business, it has always been able to meet all the needs of Hungarian farms, from design to service, with a strong focus on assistance, training and supply of spare parts. The company operates with an increasingly wide range of activities and partners at the service of the agricultural sector. We at Condor have been working with Milch-Technik 2005 with great pride for over 20 years! We recently supplied the Hungarian company with a TATA TRAILER 500 mixer, heater and dispenser of milk powder and fresh calf milk.

Mixers, pasteurizers and heaters TATA TRAILER

This special machine, made on drive towing trailer, is a milk powder mixer, milk pasteurizer and milk transport tanker. Mixing quality and fair distribution of the ration make our machinery a valuable help for all farms looking for work comfort and savings in resources, energy and time. The TATA TRAILER, mixer, pasteurizer and heater, is equipped with a sturdy frame and equipped with a ring towbar or road trailer. It distributes milk via a remotely controlled, battery-powered metering pump made of stainless steel.


Innovative livestock equipment for healthy and natural nutrition

The metering pump is controlled by the electronic board, which controls the liters dispensed, the liters to be dispensed and the amount to be distributed for each individual animal. The distributing gun, equipped with a check valve, allows milk to be dispensed comfortably seated on the tractor. Like all our products, the TATA TRAILER can also be customized and equipped with accessories.

Condor S.r.l. has been, for almost 60 years, an international leader in the offer of zoo-technical equipment, especially machinery capable of providing livestock with perfect rations, in terms of quantity and time, and quality, guaranteeing a healthy and natural diet. For many years we have been offering solutions to breeders around the world, with all the possible advantages in terms of the technical, nutritional and economic performance. Milch-Technik 2005 has successfully believed our motto: to ensure maximum profit from deeds, not words.


• Capacity from 50 to 1000 liters
• Electrical Power 230V or 380V
• Heating resistors from 4 Kw to 15 Kw
• Battery and electronic battery charger integrated into the cabinet (12V and 24V)
• Vertical cylindrical stainless steel tank on base or in wheeled version on tires
• Stainless steel bottle holder
• Stainless steel bucket holder
• Stainless steel colostrum vase holder
• LED lights to feed animals in the evening in the darkest places
• Remote control of the distribution pump
• Double acting metering pump
• Divosphere with quick coupling on the lid for washing the pressure tank
• AISI 304L stainless steel walls, electropolished internally and externally, finished to state-of-the-art (beaten, ground, rounded and sanded) with high insulation power for sanitary use too
• Insulation on the bottom and planking with thermal insulation
• Airtight stainless steel top cover
• Special low rpm mixing shovel
• Exhaust faucet
• Connection with loading/unloading valve of mains, well or icy water, for connection to the double chamber of the pasteurizer and/or the storage of food fluids such as milk, whey, etc.
• Digital temperature indicator
• Electronic function control board
• Differently programmable pasteurization and heating functions
• Automatic metering pump
• Food distribution gun with integrated stainless steel check valve
• Front manhole
• Washing program