Woman carrying a milk can in a stable with cows

Not all farms are the same. Each has different needs, dictated by the spaces, the shape of the soil, the number of garments present.

Condor S.r.l., thanks to the experience accumulated in 50 years of activity, is able to make tailor-made milk powder mixers, in different models and with different functions, precisely to meet every different need.

In this article we want to deepen the world of mixers, machinery that has become indispensable within the company to facilitate the work of personnel and reduce the waste of time. In addition, thanks to the technologies implemented on our milk mixers, calves can be fed properly, ensuring ideal growth and optimal production once adults.

What are they?

To keep calves healthy and achieve their ideal growth, nutrition must be constantly monitored with a very specific program. After the first feeding cycle with colostrum, you can start feeding calves with powdered milk.

Milk powder mixers are machines specially designed and designed to allow proper milk preparation, reducing the work and effort of those who take care of the calves themselves on the farm. In fact, milk must be prepared at the right concentration and administered at a correct temperature twice a day, a processing that if done by hand would take a long time.


Condor Mixers therefore play a fundamental role in the health and nutrition of calves, as well as being a concrete and reliable help for the farm that can gain time and effort. In addition, healthy and well-fed calves are a guarantee of good production when they are adult garments, therefore a greater profit for the company itself.

Condor milk powder mixer performs the mixing functions at the right temperature and concentration, thanks to a specially made mixing shovel. Condor mixers can be used for feeding calves, piglets and other animals, in any situation where necessary. Condor in fact manufactures tailor-made mixers, depending on the particular working needs of the individual farm.

MOCA certification

All Condor products, including milk powder mixers for calves feeding, are made from high quality aisi 304L and 316L stainless steel components, of European origin. All the processes are carried out within our company, allowing us to have total control over the quality of the product we make.

The set of the processes carried out allows us to certify all our products with the FOOD 100% MOCA brand. This certification, relating to the use of the product for food purposes, is a guarantee mark of both quality and hygiene.

TATA Essential and TATA CALF

TATA CALF and TATA Essential are two heaters, mixers and milk powder dispensers for calves and other animals, both produced by Condor, which differ in some characteristics. Their components are made of electropolished aisi 304L stainless steel, machined in our company and MOCA certified.

These two models can be equipped with a traction engine, to facilitate the distribution phase of milk to calves, especially if it has been decided to install a large capacity tank, available from 50 to 600 liters. Both are equipped with a cordless distribution pump, move with great ease thanks to the three large wheels placed under the base and can be powered at 380V or 230V.

To find out more differences between these two models of milk powder mixer, you can read this dedicated article.