Photo of a Condor S.r.l. milk powder pasteurizer

A survey carried out on over two hundred farms of the APA, Provincial Breeders Association, showed that in the first month of life the mortality rate of calves is over 15%. Even through adequate nutrition it is possible to help reduce the loss of cattle, with obvious economic benefits for the breeder; these calves in fact represent the new generation that will replace the cows in the stable.

The quality of the milk administered to the calves destinated for the comeback is of fundamental importance, both for the health and for the nutritional aspects. Using pasteurized non-waste milk has many advantages, leading the calves to better performance and greater growth. It's proved that calves fed fresh milk with protein content, fat, calcium and phosphorus gain weight faster (source LEE et al. 2009).

Why use a milk pasteurizer for calves

The nutrients just mentioned are present in milk powder as well, but in fresh milk there are extra nutritional factors, such as minerals, hormones, immunoglobulin and antibodies, which improve health and speed up the growth of calves. Fresh pasteurized milk allows calves to wean faster and, thanks to the energy provided to them, makes them stronger and less at risk of even fatal diseases.

The nutritional composition of immuno proteins and fat, although more variable than in reconstituted milk, is better qualitatively and quantitatively. Administering pasteurized milk helps to counteract diseases such as paratuberculosis or Johne's disease, salmonella, DVB, mycoplasma and other intestinal diseases. The elimination of these diseases is important because they would seriously jeopardize the growth and life of the calves, negatively affecting the life of the entire herd and the productivity of the company.

Functions and fields of use of a milk pasteurizer

Condor srl's fresh milk pasteurizers for calves have been designed and built to guarantee perfect temperature control during the pasteurization process, to achieve total homogeneity in the pasteurization of milk. Thanks to the double total chamber, the milk is pasteurized uniformly both in small capacity pasteurizers, 50 lt., And in large capacity pasteurizers, from 1500-2000 lt. They are equipped with electric heaters on the entire surface of the bottom, to evenly heat the pasteurized milk and a mixing paddle, designed to mix the milk gently and homogeneus.

They can be equipped with wheels, with or without electric traction motor, to distribute the milk as soon as the milk pasteurization process is finished. Furthermore, it is possible to choose, according to the needs, the fixed base or with a hook suitable for being towed by a machine. Condor srl pasteurizers have an electronic control and programming card, which allows to choose different pasteurization and heating programs; all programs are customizable according to needs. The models mounted on wheels or trailers are equipped with an electronic dosing pump, with the possibility of setting the distribution quantity every half liter.

Pasteurized milk processing

In order to eliminate bacteria, fresh milk is brought to a temperature of 63-65 ° C, then kept constant for a period of time varying between 30 and 45 minutes, based on the choices of the breeder. For all the waiting time, the milk, inside the totally in FOOD certified stainless steel for food tank, is kept in motion by the special stainless steel mixing paddle. This movement allows heat to be distributed evenly, while eliminating bacteria as well. Once the first stage of milk pasteurization is finished, the temperature of the milk itself is lowered very quickly to around 40 ° C, thanks to the introduction of cold water into the double chamber.

This ensures the definitive elimination of germs; to facilitate this process, Condor srl milk pasteurisers can be connected to the cold water generator also made by Condor srl. The pasteurization treatment takes place entirely inside the Condor milk pasteurizer tank, equipped with a hermetically sealed stainless steel lid. In milk pasteurisers equipped with wheels, no decanting or other operations are necessary, which could contaminate the milk endangering the health of the calves, but once the pasteurization cycle is finished the milk will be immediately distribuited to the calves. At the end of each pasteurization cycle, the successful cycle confirmation will appear on the electronic board display. In case of power failure or other anomalies, the electronic card in the milk pasteurizer will report it immediately, also beeping, so the operator could intervene promptly.

Stainless steel for the milk pasteurizer making

All Condor srl milk pasteurisers are made with first choice stainless steel, certified with suitable thickness and electropolished internally and externally, to guarantee greater hygiene and easy cleaning. In addition, all models are FOOD - MOCA certified and are built entirely within the company, with 100% made in Italy components. The sturdy stainless steel chassis guarantees stability and safety during movements and, for models up to a capacity of 500 lt., An electric traction motor can be requested. Beyond this capacity they are built on a fixed base or on a trailer base to be towed by a machine during distribution.

It is possible to insulate all the models produced, as it is possible to customize them according to the most varied requests. Even if the water consumption for the cooling phase is significantly reduced with a lot of yield, for those who do not have a water well available to use for cooling, we offer a frosty water tank of our production. In this way the milk pasteurizer will be able to complete its work completely in a closed circuit. Condor srl pasteurizers can be powered by 230V and 380V current and are made with particular production standards, in order to facilitate maintenance and avoid machine downtime problems. The components made of stainless steel are lifetime guaranteed.