milk mixer with wheels

The well-being and health of calves are priority elements for the positive productivity trend of a farm. While in the plains the organization and management of animals is quite easy, in the mountains everything is more complex.

Some final productions are more profitable than others, resulting in differences in spending investments across business units. By virtue of this, Condor, always very attentive to the needs of each individual customer, has created different models on wheels of heaters, distributors, milk powder mixers for calves, further modified according to the particular needs of the user.

Milk transport mixers

Condor’s “TATA” line milk mixers are composed of tanks totally in AISI 304L stainless steel, non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel, electropolished both internally and externally and produced within the company at all stages, with finishing accessories certified exclusively Made in Italy.

All models, powered at 230V, 380V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, have heating resistors from 4 to 30 Kw and are equipped with electronic control of functions, freely programmable during times. The TATA line mixer with wheels is available in capacities from 50 to 600 liters.

Thanks to the very robust chassis and its large wheels, our mixer allows you to easily and efficiently transport milk both on uneven and earthy terrain, as well as on concrete, asphalt or flat surfaces, thanks to the option with electric traction.

Our machines guarantee absolute stability, practicality, handling and maneuverability, even at full load and in the most confined spaces.

Milk mixer with electric motor

The electric traction motor with which the mixer can be equipped, allows you to reach the calves without any effort. Safety, both in terms of the quality of work and for the safety of employees, is ensured by an automatic stop in case of emergency and a safe parking even uphill.

Milk mixer with stainless steel metering pump

It features two forward gear speeds, two forward speeds, as well as an emergency brake. The distribution system is guaranteed by a stainless steel metering pump. Equipped with remote control and battery powered, the pump is controlled by the electronic board that controls the liters dispensed, those to be dispensed and the quantity to be distributed for each individual animal.

Milk mixer dosing gun

The distributing gun, thanks to the check valve, allows the milk to be dispensed in the right programmed quantity. For those who choose to use our mixers we ensure a perfectly mixed milk, ready for distribution at the desired time.

Main technical characteristics of milk mixer:

• Standard capacity from 50 to 600 liters
• Made in Italy certified material in AISI 304L stainless steel
• Single wall or insulated stainless steel tank
• Special mixer with safety device
• Long-lasting batteries
• Battery-powered manual or electric drive to ensure stability, practicality, handling and maneuverability on large wheels
• Automatic shutdown in case of emergency and safe parking even uphill
• Two forward speeds, two forward speeds, emergency brake
• Bottle holder
• Bucket holder
• Colostrum vase holder
• Auxiliary electric heating for milk temperature and distribution time setting
• LED lights to feed animals at night or dark environments
• Remote control of the distribution pump (optional)
• Double acting metering pump (optional)
• Easy pressure tank cleaning thanks to quick-attacked divospheres on the lid (optional)
• Wide range of customizable options based on user needs