photo of the processing of a stainless steel product

Perhaps it would be more correct to ask how many applications exist for stainless steel. The family of stainless steels is constantly growing and is adapting to the most varied needs and applications, making their number virtually infinite.

Steel is a unique alloy for durability, ductility, corrosion resistance and versatility, characteristics that favor its use in almost all sectors. There are uses of stainless steel components or machinery in different sectors, from agriculture to missiles, from food and canning to aeronautical engines, from medical pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals, from energy to construction, naval, cutlery, screws and bolts.

Due to its excellent workability it is increasingly used in almost all sectors, where different types of steel are chosen including austenitic, martensitic, precipitation hardeners, ferritic, duplex and super-duplex, according to individual applications.

The steel used by Condor

Each alloy has its own characteristics and Condor uses only AISI 304L and 316L steel, austenitic, non-magnetic, low carbon. For all items of its production or for production on customer orders, Condor uses only certified first choice steels. We have found that the electropolishing treatment, which we always carry out in our company, is an excellent final test to define the quality of a 304L or 316L AISI alloy.

To create an artifact, of its own production or direct order to the customer's design, complete and efficient equipment is required. The sheet metal arrives at the Condor company and this is transformed, coming out as a finished product, certified Food Moca. The Food Moca certification, in addition to ensuring the food compatibility of the product, also ensures the perfect sanitization of the product and greater protection from oxidation in hostile environments or exposed to substances such as salt or chlorine.

Condor steel processing

In Condor the surface treatment of electropolishing stainless steel has been carried out for over 20 years, essential to obtain the guaranteed Food Moca brand. At the end of the 90s we started with a work tank of 3 meters by 1.5 meters, after years of problems due to the electropolishing treatment carried out by several companies in the provinces of Parma, Padua, Bologna and Milan. Very often, in fact, ruined or very badly processed pieces returned from processing, while quality processing was an increasingly rare result.

By producing hard-to-manage parts, where internal and external electropolishing machining had to be of the same high quality, finding a partner who maintained high quality standards was impossible. Condor has been producing milking room accessories, milk transport tanks and cisterns, food containers, milk pumps for over 58 years and all parts must be perfectly sanitized, especially inside. Electropolishing is the only surface treatment that guarantees 100% compatibility with food use, hygiene and stainlessness of the product.

What is electropolishing?

It is an electrochemical treatment, performed in tanks with acid solutions under low voltage current. It is processed by applying anodes and cathodes to the artifacts and after a certain time immersed under current the product is perfectly sanitized, clean and sterile. All impurities present on the surface, due to machining, lamination, welding, calendering, cuts, folds, satin finishing and micro shot peening, are eliminated from this unique treatment.

Condor’s electropolishing

The many problems caused to our products by contractors who carried out the electropolishing treatment led us, at the end of the 90s, to produce and install the pickling, electropolishing and passivation line directly within our company.

Now Condor has a department equipped with 10 work tanks for manufactured goods, of the most varied shapes and sizes. We are specialized in the processing of internal and external pickling and electropolishing in pieces with even difficult shapes. Our acid electropolishing processing solution was developed by the owner himself, after days and nights of work and tests.

Once 100 samples were brought to a French laboratory, which specializes in treatment certification, Condor obtained the Food Moca brand. We can proudly say that out of 100 artifacts of the most varied shapes and sizes, the instruments have in no way detected any trace of impurities, which they say never happened.

Over the years we have acquired many customers to whom we only carry out the electropolishing work on our products, thanks to our particularity and our high quality. Micro shot peening and brush polishing are not food grade, so many customers have had to change the final treatment with our electropolishing to be sure of quality and sanitization.

Where others fail Condor solves.