Image of a calf in a farm pen

Pasteurizing milk means implementing a process of thermal remediation of milk, essential both for the healthy diet of calves and for saving the user's resources: raising healthy calves means obtaining high gains.

It is scientifically proven that calves fed with fresh milk, rather than powdered, grow healthier and stronger and faster, thanks to milk rich in protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus.

Condor milk pasteurizers

Condor milk pasteurizers are created to make the most of the properties of milk not suitable for distribution and sale and which instead, appropriately treated by our machinery, becomes a precious asset for the user.

By elevating the temperature of milk above 63°C, milk pasteurizers eliminate pathogenic microorganisms and their toxins, drastically reduce the microbial load and maintain the number of nutritional properties of milk high.

TATA milk pasteurizers

Our TATA milk pasteurizers are composed of tanks totally of AISI 304L stainless steel, non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel, electropolished both internally and externally and produced at all stages inside our company, with finishing accessories certified exclusively Made in Italy.

All models can be powered at 230V – 380V – 50 Hz – 60 Hz, have heating resistors from 4Kw to 30Kw and are equipped with electronic control of functions, freely programmable during times. For those who use our pasteurizers we ensure a perfectly pasteurized milk, ready for distribution at the desired time.

The pasteurization of the milk takes place homogeneously, from the bottom to the edge of the tank, thanks to the double total chamber that guarantees heating and cooling of all the milk inside the tank itself.

Pasteurization of milk

The milk present in the TATA tank, equipped with an airtight-closing stainless steel lid, and brought for 30/45 minutes at a constant temperature of about 63/65°C, is kept in motion by the special mixing blade which, allowing the homogeneous distribution of heat, ensures the total elimination of bacteria.

The temperature of the milk will then suddenly be raised to about 40°C, so that germs and bacteria no longer reform. Pasteurization treatment takes place entirely inside the TATA tank, without the need for racking or further operations that could even minimally contaminate the milk. The shaker, equipped with the specific blade with low rpm movements, keeps the milk evenly mixed, whose mains, well or internal cycle water cooling is guaranteed by our exclusive “TATATA BRRR” icy water cooling system.

TATA BRRR icy water cooling system

The TATA BRRR, a cold water cooling system, is a tank for the production of icy water, made entirely of 304L stainless steel, which ensures healthy milk, ready for distribution at the desired time and at the right temperature. Pasteurization, heating and cooling processes, when programmed, also make it possible to optimally exploit electricity.

Cleaning and maintenance

The stainless steel tanks of the pasteurizers, all electropolished even inside, are extremely easy to clean: the semi-automatic cleaning program allows the pump and distribution pipe to be completely emptied of residues, ensuring optimal hygiene. An additional cleaning, carried out with a sponge, will improve the result.

Condor is able to provide a very efficient pasteurizer, in various models and capacities, created exclusively with first choice and high quality materials, equipped with an electropolished stainless steel tank and cabinet, easy to use thanks to the electronic control of all functions and its easy and fast cleaning. Our motto is to ensure maximum profit from deeds, not words.

Main technical characteristics of our pasteurizers:

  • Capacity 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500 lts
  • Electrical power 230V or 380V
  • Heating resistors from 4Kw to 15Kw
  • Battery and electronic battery charger integrated into the cabinet (12V and 24V)
  • Vertical cylindrical storage tank on base or in wheeled version on tires
  • AISI 304L stainless steel walls, electropolished internally and externally, finished to state-of-the-art (beaten, ground, rounded and sanded) with high insulation power for sanitary use too
  • Insulation on the bottom and planking with thermal insulation
  • Airtight stainless steel top cover
  • Special low rpm mixing shovel
  • Freezing water refrigeration circuit (option)
  • Exhaust faucet
  • Connection with loading/unloading valve of mains, well or icy water, for connection to the double chamber of the pasteurizer and/or the storage of food fluids such as milk, whey, etc.
  • Digital temperature indicator
  • Differently programmable pasteurization and heating functions
  • Automatic metering pump
  • Food distribution gun with integrated stainless steel check valve
  • Front manhole
  • Washing program