Verona Agricultural Fair

Increasing agricultural productivity: this has always been the main objective of our company, Condor S.r.l. Aware that the agricultural sector has progressively structured itself, focusing more and more on multifunction mechanics and the rationalization of business management, we have never stopped, over the years, looking for solutions that would optimize the work of farms.

All our products have always been created with respect for the environment, the consideration of soils and climate change, working conditions and the quality of production.


Condor at Fieragricola in Verona

With this spirit and enthusiasm, we will attend at the Fieragricola in Verona, the international exhibition of mechanics, services and products for agriculture and animal husbandry, from Wednesday 2 to Saturday 6 March. The Fieragricola di Verona is one of the major exhibition centers in Italy and thanks to some events it has gained worldwide relevance, in some cases the record. We will be there as exhibitors, at Hall 9 stand C16, with many new and special machines to present to you:

  • TATA BRRR – Stainless steel tank for icy water production
  • TATA PIGGY – Milk Powder Mixer for Pigs
  • TATA CROSS – Calf powder milk mixer and/or milk pasteurizer with handlebars and electric traction motor
  • TATA COUNTRY – Mixer and dispenser of milk and pet food without power supply
  • TATA TRAILER – Milk powder mixer and/or milk pasteurizer and/or stainless steel tank for milk transport made on trailer for drive towing

Cold water production tank.

We would like to draw your attention to the TATA BRRR icy water production stainless steel tank. We all know that a refrigeration machine allows heat to be subtracted from a certain element, in our case milk, causing its temperature to be lowered. We also know that this thermodynamic process takes place with considerable expense, due to energy costs.

For every liter of milk cooled from 35 to 4°C, about 200 kJ of thermal energy is needed. To reduce these costs, Condor has built the TATA BRRR stainless steel tank for water production, which will finally be presented at the Verona Fair.


It is an exchanger that uses thermal energy, which would otherwise be dissipated, to cool water and consequently milk. The large evaporation surface, the excellent thermal insulation, the high quality of the finishes ensure considerable energy savings.

Our technological offer is unique in that it takes into account the amount of milk produced, the frequency of delivery and the maximum refrigeration time. An extraordinary and essential machine equipped with accessories. The TATA BRRR tank, made entirely of 304L stainless steel, guarantees the cooling of milk in an internal cycle, with low energy consumption, excellent results and consequent optimization of working results.

The system combines rapid cooling with reduced energy consumption thanks to a number of technical features, such as the fixed stainless steel compartment with stainless steel bottom with integrated equipment.

The advantages of TATA BRRR

Our freezing water cooling system allows you to start and schedule milk pasteurization processes and its cooling, with the confidence of finding the product ready for distribution at the appointed time. These tanks for the production of icy water therefore make it possible to make optimal use of electricity.

Recall that cooling freshly milked milk is essential to preserve its properties and, if done quickly, is useful and effective for minimizing the multiplication of microorganisms and bacteria. The TATA BRRR icy water production stainless steel tank is a valid support to refrigerate freshly milked milk, keep it at a constant temperature of 3°-4° and keep it ready to be picked up from the dairy tank.

Design flexibility

Our flexibility of design and construction allows us to respond promptly to the most varied requests, enabling us to create tanks and tanks according to the customer's design even for individual units and to provide any type of accessory or particular attachment.

How to get to the Verona Agricultural Fair

If you are in Verona between 2 and 6 March, come and visit us! We specify that Fieragricola is accessed by showing a paper ticket, to be purchased on site or online, but we will be happy to pay homage to you with absolutely free tickets, to provide you with all the clarifications you need and to assist you in all your requests. The Verona exhibition center is located in Viale del Lavoro 8, about 3 km from downtown.