Fieragricola Verona: our experience

Condor was present at the Fieragricola in Verona, the international exhibition of mechanics, services and products for agriculture and animal husbandry, from Wednesday 2 to Saturday 6 March 2022.

e lived every single day with immense emotion, shared with all those who were present at the fair with us, from exhibitors to visitors. Beautiful cattle of the most representative breeds, sophisticated machinery and agricultural vehicles, lush vineyards and orchards, all proudly displayed as on a red carpet and expertly illustrated by each representative.



TATA BRRR: Cold Water Production Tank

TATA BRRR is a tank for the production of icy water, useful for cooling water and consequently milk. It is a technologically extraordinary machine, equipped with accessories and automatic washing, able to consider the amount of milk produced, the frequency of delivery and the maximum refrigeration time.

The TATA BRRR tank, made entirely of 304L stainless steel, guarantees the cooling of milk in an internal cycle, with low energy consumption, excellent results and consequent optimization of working results. The system combines the convenience of rapid cooling with the sustainability of reduced energy consumption thanks to a number of technical features, such as the fixed stainless steel compartment, complete with stainless steel bottom with integrated equipment.

This icy water cooling system therefore makes it possible to start and program the pasteurization processes of milk and its cooling, with the certainty of finding the product ready for distribution at the established time. Recall that cooling freshly milked milk is essential to preserve its properties and, if done quickly, is useful and effective for minimizing the multiplication of microorganisms and bacteria.

TATA PIGGY: Milk powder mixer. TATA CROSS: milk powder mixer and milk pasteurizer

The TATA PIGGY is a milk powder mixer for pigs, while the TATA CROSS is a milk powder mixer and calf milk pasteurizer with handlebars and electric drive motor. They both allow you to mix milk, with ease and perfection.

Thanks to their efficiency they ensure stability, practicality, handling and maneuverability, even at full load and in the most confined spaces. We would like to point out that our milk powder mixers for calves, all made of stainless steel and electropolished even inside, are extremely easy to clean. The semi-automatic cleaning program allows the pump and distribution pipe to be completely emptied of residues, ensuring optimal hygiene.

TATA COUNTRY: Milk powder mixer and milk and food dispenser

The TATA COUNTRY is a milk powder mixer and dispenser of milk and pet food without power supply, an extraordinary and absolutely innovative machine. It consists of a tank made entirely of certified stainless steel, structured and built on a wagon-like frame, pulled by a tractor without the need for any power supply.

The wagon doesn’t need 230V or 380V current as has happened so far, but mixes and distributes the food, liquid or creamy, to calves, piglets and poultry, guaranteeing the desired temperature, the precise amount delivered, without the need for any power supply. Sitting comfortably on the tractor you can therefore manage the metering pump, powered by 2 batteries charged by a 24V alternator managed by the hydraulic system, and distribute the milk to the animals.

Our machine is a valuable aid to ensure optimal animal growth and reduce mortality, especially in the first days of life. The tank, made of MOCA certified stainless steel, allows this same wagon to be transformed, with appropriate modifications, into a mobile dairy, offering the possibility of working dairy products without electricity or gas supply.

TATA TRAILER: Milk Powder Mixer, Milk Pasteurizer and Milk Transport Tank

TATA TRAILER is a milk powder mixer, milk pasteurizer and milk transport tank, made on drive towing trailer. Equipped with a sturdy frame and equipped with a ring towbar or road trailer, it distributes milk through a remotely controlled, battery-powered stainless steel metering pump.

The metering pump is controlled by the electronic board that controls liters dispensed, liters to be dispensed and quantities to be distributed for each individual animal. The distributing gun, equipped with a check valve, allows milk to be dispensed comfortably seated on the tractor. Like all our products, it can be customized and equipped with accessories.

We felt very appreciated and for this reason we will continue to commit ourselves and improve more and more!