Interview with Monica Bigliardi, owner of Condor S.r.l.

Interview with Monica Bigliardi, Condor S.r.l. owner.
When I was little, I loved spending my days with my dad, running through the woods that surrounded Reggio Emilia, my city.

I've always been in love with nature colored my land.

I hopped from one side to the other of the transparent gutters that I encountered during ours walks, I chased wild animals that I met every time, I collected flowers and mushrooms, which I learned from an early age to recognize. I don't know if I had a precise idea of what at the time grow up, but I was sure of one thing: I wanted my work to be connected with the nature, with agriculture and with animal care.

I have never thought of the farm as a mere and sterile farmland monoculture or to the farmer and breeder as a person who spends most of time on a noisy tractor or in a dirty stable. So I grew up, with the idea of participating in some way in that life, certainly made up of many sacrifices, but of as many satisfactions and gratifications.


Condor S.r.l., specialized in the production and processing of stainless steel products for dairies and milking rooms

In Condor S.r.l., a family business, I have always breathed, in everything we did, the Love for Nature. In fact, after having specialized in the construction of bins for milk transport (first in aluminum and then in stainless steel), accessories for dairies, buckets and lids for milking machines, terminal pots, sanitary pots and stainless steel components for priming rooms milking in cattle breeding, we have expanded the range of our products, without never lower the level of attention to nature and the environment.


Tanks and mixers with a high quality standard

My unique experience, gained and supported by considerable attention to evolution eco-sustainable technology, has allowed me to create tanks, tanks and mixers of high quality standards, thanks to the fine quality of materials used (all made in Italy) and the high level of design specialization e production, in compliance with national and European regulations, but above all with those aimed at a preserve the environment and nature.


Tanks and cisterns in AISI 304L stainless steel

The Tanks and cisterns, for example, produced within my company in AISI stainless steel 304L (austenitic non-magnetic stainless steel) and electropolished both inside and out, they are built with a simple wall or insulated with highly performing certified materials and non-polluting.


Stainless steel products certified for containment and transport of food

In fact, our products are suitable for containment and transport of any liquid food, oenological or derived from an industrial process (milk, wine, beverages, water, beer, olive oil, vegetable oil in general, vinegar, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, chemicals, solvents and paints, fuels and lubricants).


Love for nature and… for steel!

When I travel away from home for work or for pleasure, I always observe with greatness amazement how human beings have shaped the landscape over the centuries and I cannot help but get lost, listening to the stories of our elders, about how everything was done in the past, including agriculture. My love for pristine nature today is imbued with the absolute awareness that even the human being, with the right stimuli and the appropriate knowledge, can create natural paradises.

I've never claimed to change the world, but to participate in the improvement of the world quality of life yes: so I chose to forge not only my character in steel, but also my work tools of my Clients. I chose steel because it is a material resistant, infinitely recyclable using electricity, eco-sustainable as it respects gases greenhouse, even considering the CO2 emissions associated with its manufacture.

The high life span of a product helps to significantly reduce the rate of material to be disposed of, but the most relevant aspect of the ecology of any product is found at the end of its cycle life, when it comes to considering its disposal. And it's right under that I expect that stainless steel turns out to be a champion of environmental sustainability, because longevity also adds the characteristic of being completely recyclable.


Stainless steel, environmental sustainability and recycling

In fact, stainless steel can be demolished and remelted to generate other sheets, pipes or bars which, in turn, they will be used to build components, plants and instruments in constant evolution, a lot that it can be said that today there is not a single object made with this material totally "new".
100% and infinitely recyclable, without losing any of its original qualities, steel stainless steel is practically a permanent material, truly ideal for the new frontiers of the circular economy.

For this reason, Condor S.r.l. chose stainless steel for all of its machines.