Photo of a Condor S.r.l. milk mixer

Within a dairy cow farm, it is important to pay attention to the health and growth of calves. They are in fact the ones who guarantee continuity to the herd and also to the production of the farm.

The growth of calves, as well as that of other animals, passes primarily from their feeding. For this reason Condor srl provides all the necessary equipment for feeding the calves, in addition to the accessories for the milking parlors. All our products are made of AISI 304L and 316L stainless steel and FOOD MOCA certified, to guarantee safety also for the hygienic-sanitary point of view. In this article we go into detail on the milk powder mixers, made by Condor srl, in different models: on wheels, with trailers or with fixed base. Depending on the needs of the individual customer, we can create customized products (on measures and equipment) entirely in stainless steel. Don't hesitate to contact us to request a consultation, more information and a quote for your milk mixers.

Milk mixers charactrisics

The milk powder mixers, made for feeding calves, piglets and other small animals, can be built on different types of base, according to the needs. Among the models proposed by Condor srl, you can find milk mixers with a fixed base, with two wheels and support legs, ideal for small movements, or with a base resting on three wheels. This latter is also available with an electric traction motor and it's usually equipped with a programmable dosing pump, to allow the food to be distributed precisely and repeatably; the quantity of food to be dispensed can be changed during distribution. The three large wheels ensure ease of maneuver when moving, allowing you to reach calves, or animals to feed, without difficulty even on rough terrain, climbs, steep slopes, mud, snow and ice. The electric traction milk mixer models are equipped with an emergency brake. The capacities of Condor srl milk mixers vary according to the models; starting from a minimum capacity of 50 liters, the fixed base models can be up to 1000 liters, while those powered by wheels up to 600 liters. The power supply is electric, 230V or 380V depending on the customer's needs. All models can be equipped with a tank with double insulated chamber, made of stainless steel. The insulation allows the milk to be keeped to a constant temperature during the distribution phase, a very important aspect especially in the coldest months of the year. Furthermore, in milk mixers with heating system, it allows to reach the set temperature more quickly.

Milk mixers of the Tata Line whith wheels

The Tata line milk mixers with wheels are available with or without an electric traction motor. The automatic stop system allows you to carry out the work in complete safety for the operator and for the animals; it is also equipped with secure parking systems, emergency brake, double speed for forward and reverse travel . The three large wheels, together with the very robust chassis, guarantee the stability of the movements when moving on all terrains, even the most impervious and with steep slopes. All Tata milk mixers with wheels are equipped with double oversized batteries, to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the work cycle. The distribution of milk to the calves is made efficient by the distribution system entirely in stainless steel, equipped with remote control, battery power supply, dosing pump controlled by an electronic card, distributor gun with non-return valve. The models can be customized, starting from the capacity, available in different quantities from a minimum of 50 lt. at a maximum of 600 lt.

Fixed base milk mixers

The fixed base milk mixers of Condor srl are made to meet all customer needs, making changes according to the requests. They can be equipped with a liquid heating system, bringing the advantages we have already mentioned and for a better optimization of the working times. All models will be equipped with a special milk powder mixer, to ensure perfect mixing of the product, avoiding the formation of lumps or other unwanted residues. They are equipped with a drain tap which is convenient to use and easy to clean once its use is finished. To better meet different needs, the fixed base milk mixers can be modified with a base built to measure or by inserting two wheels for small movements. The tank can be insulated, while the attachment for the divosphere for pressure washing of the tank itself can be installed on the lid. The fixed base milk mixer is available with a 50 lt capacity. up to 1000 lt.

Small size comfort: essential Milk Mixers with wheels

The Essential model milk mixer, built on a base with three large wheels, guarantees all the excellent qualities of the Condor srl milk mixer line on wheels and all the essential functions. Among these we find the heating system, mixing with an advanced system to prevent lumps and distribution with a metering pump. The Essential mixer is not equipped with an electronic remote programming card, but is equipped with simplified controls and recognized with all quality and food certifications, like all the other milk mixers in the Tata line. Essential capacity starts from 50 lt. up to 600 lt., with the recommended traction electric motor over 150 lt. of useful capacity, for greater maneuverability and movement during distribution operations. The model can be completed with various accessories such as pot holders, bottle holders, dispensing speed regulator, divosphere for tank washing, LED lights for illuminating the darkest places during the evening distribution.

Powder Milk Mixers Tata Trailer

The Condor srl milk mixers, as well as the models of the Tata and Essential line, can be built on a Trailer base, very robust and equipped with a hook to be towed by a quad or a tractor; the characteristics are the same as those of milk mixers on wheels. They are equipped with remote control of the distribution pump, which allows you to manage the distribution of the food while sitting comfortably on the tractor. Even these models of milk mixer can be customized to meet the needs of individual customers. Insulated tank, colostrum pot holder, double delivery dosing pump, divosphere for washing are just some of the accessories available. The tank capacity starts from 150 lt. up to a maximum of 1000 lt. For more information and to request a quote for your customized milk mixer, do not hesitate to contact us.