Mixers compared: TATA Essential and TATA CALF

Animal welfare and animal health have been expressly recognized by the EU regulation 882/2004, which emphasizes that animal health and welfare are important factors that contribute to the quality and safety of the food product, to the prevention of the spread of animal diseases, as well as the attempt to pursue an ethical treatment of farm animals.

Animal Welfare and Health

The well-being and health of the calf are very important elements, the essential starting point for the progress of a large part of the farm. These attentions, to ensure its success, involve high costs to be incurred and which differ from one company to another. In the lowland areas, both the organization and management of animals is much easier, while in the mountains everything is more complex; some final productions are more profitable than others and consequently the spending budgets are different for each single business unit. Due to this, Condor, which has always been very attentive to the needs of each individual customer, has created two different models of heaters, distributors, milk powder mixers for calves, trolley-mounted and in turn further modifiable according to individual needs. The two models made, TATA CALF and TATA Essential have exactly the same final functions and are both built with top quality materials and of total Italian production, like all Condor srl products.

The TATA CALF and TATA Essential mixers

They are both heaters, distributors and milk powder mixers with base / chassis totally in stainless steel. Their stainless steel components are made of electropolished AISI 304L stainless steel and, even if for animal feed, they are both certified by MOCA - Food. As we have already anticipated, the needs are different for each individual company, as are the spending budgets and also the people who use it. Faced with these variables, we have tried to create two models that are always and in any case modifiable and customizable, which respond to individual needs without absolutely decreasing the functional and quality level that has distinguished us for over 50 years.
All models can be equipped or not with a traction motor, optional directly dependent on the capacity of the tank which goes from lt. 50 to lt. 600. TATA CALF and TATA Essential are heaters, mixers and distributors of milk and feed for calves, lambs, kids, piglets and other animals, both equipped with a battery-powered pump. They move easily thanks to three large wheels that guarantee stability and easy use on all types of terrain. TATA CALF and TATA Essential can be powered at 380V or 230V.

So what's the difference between these two products?

TATA CALF milk mixer

TATA CALF milk mixers are equipped with an electronic control unit made up of various function keys and a large touch screen in which all functions, information and work phases are shown clearly and immediately. You can program the start time of heating, in order to find the water ready to be mixed with the milk or powdered food at the desired time, even several times within 24 hours.

The most important functions of the TATA CALF milk mixer are:

• Record the heating cycle
• Records the food distribution cycle, the quantity of liters dispensed for each single outlet
• Viewing of heating phases diagram on the control monitor
• All data can be recorded on a USB key and can be transferred with a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system
• Programming of heating even with several times per day
• Adjustable mixing speed
• Management of the quantity of milk to be distributed for each individual calf, programmable every half liter
• Five keys to pre-set the quantity of milk to be dispensed in order to have five quantities already selected
• Large touch screen with the possibility of deactivating it and using only the control keys

With the new electronic control panel, in the TATA CALF milk powder mixers all functions are programmable and constantly under control. The battery level, the temperature of the liquid or milk, the total quantity of food or milk distributed in each cycle are in fact always visible on the display, as well as the temperature, date and time, the quantity of food dispensed and remained. TATA CALF allows you to program the start time of the resistance, offering the possibility of heating milk or food up to the set temperature as needed. The electronic speed regulator allows you a perfect control of the mixer speed, ensuring the desired result for each type of food, both liquid and creamy. With the TATA CALF mixer you can set the quantity of milk or food to be distributed to each individual animal and the pump will stop automatically.


TATA Essential mixers are built with a complete, simple and functional control panel. A digital thermostat allows you to set and adjust the temperature of the water or food to be heated. Once the set temperature has been reached, TATA Essential will automatically maintain it until the operator begins preparing the food. The temperature is always shown on the thermostat display even during the distribution phase. The start time of the heating element cannot be programmed. The quantity of milk to be dispensed can be setted every half liter, and also in the TATA Essential milk powder mixers for calves, as in the TATA CALF, the dosing pump will stop once the set quantity of milk has been dispensed. The food mixing mixer and the speed are adjustable with buttons and potentiometers. TATA Essential is immediate and intuitive, maintaining the quality and robustness that distinguishes all our products.