Calf pasteurizer entirely made of stainless steel

The milk from the milking of the stables not intended for sale is used to feed the calves, especially during the weaning period. It’s essential for their growth that their nutrition is regular, complete and homogeneous.

To minimize the mortality rate, the quality of the milk is essential and using pasteurized milk has many advantages in terms of its rich protein, fat, calcium and phosphorus content. Furthermore, the economic savings borne by the elevator must be considered of extreme importance, as it produces everything internally.


Healthy calves = Increasing productivity

Many nutrients are also found in powdered milk, but with fresh and pasteurized milk, the growth of the calves is much faster. It also shortens the weaning period and makes them stronger to reduce the risk of disease. Having completely healthy calves increases productivity and stable quality.

Our pasteurizer is known for its quality. It guarantees perfect temperature control throughout the pasteurization process to obtain homogeneous pasteurized milk. The capacity of the pasteurizer does not matter because it is large or small, the insulation allows the constant maintenance of the temperature of the pasteurized milk.


How our pasteurizer is built

The construction of the pasteurizer takes place completely within our company with the use of first choice stainless steel and completely Made in Italy; is electropolished internally and externally and is thus Food Mo.Ca certified. For this reason it is possible to adapt it completely to the needs of each individual farmer.


Custom pasteurizers

The electronic card with multiple functions cannot be missing, but every other component of the pasteurizer can be modified: with wheels or without wheels, insulated or not, motorized or manual, the programmable dispensing gun every half liter completely in stainless steel or standard and all what is required.


Pasteurization of milk

The milk is pasteurized at a temperature of 63-65°C which is kept constant for about 30-45 minutes according to the farmer's choices. This procedure is carried out to eliminate any bacteria that could be in the fresh milk. The mixing blade inside the tank keeps the milk moving in a homogeneous way, so that possible bacteria can be eliminated.


Milk suitable for marketing with our pasteurizer

The last action to be taken to make the pasteurized milk completely suitable for distribution is to put cold water inside the double chamber to bring the milk to a temperature of 40°C. Once this process is finished, the pasteurized milk is ready for distribution and at the end of the process, the electronic board communicates that the operation has taken place successfully. In the event that problems are found, the machine will communicate them immediately, so that the lifter can intervene promptly.

We constantly have confirmation of the full satisfaction of our customers, because once they start using our pasteurizer they can't do without it!