Tractor transporting a wireless milk mixer from Condor S.r.l.

Improving the survival of calves by facilitating the work of the operator, increasing animal welfare and decreasing the mortality of calves even on very large farms, with a large number of calves to feed.

Calves milk mixer with PATENTED system without electricity

Mixer without electricity: benefits for the animal and the advantages for the farmer

Calves positioned in different places, with cages sometimes inaccessible except by the single operator on foot. Five hundred, seven hundred, one thousand, two thousand liters of powdered milk to be prepared, mixed and distributed for every single meal. Food temperature to be kept constant on all feedings, the work of the operator who has to distribute a large amount of food on his own, with meal distribution times of at least four hours.

Insufficient amount of electricity on the farm to prepare hundreds of liters of food per meal, female worker who has to do everything by herself and distribute a thousand liters of food per meal, farm area with a rough courtyard and / or with steep slopes. All these problems, which a farm may face, have been solved by Condor by producing and patenting the calf milk mixer with operation without electricity.


How a mixer without electricity is made

The calf milk mixer produced by Condor is an excellent and valid help in large farms, where calves, both for meat and for milk, are present in large quantities. Our milk mixer is not only indispensable in large companies, but also in farms that do not have sufficient electrical power and that need to distribute 300-400 liters of food per meal.

Structured on a wagon-type frame, the mixer can also be made with traction, if there are steep slopes in the company, totally in certified first choice stainless steel.


Variable Speed Milk Mixers

You can choose the portable mixer with variable speed, to mix the powdered milk and / or mix the fresh milk. It also has a constant food temperature maintenance system to ensure that from the first distribution to the last, even after a thousand liters dispensed, the temperature is always constant and perfect for the health and well-being of the calves. The dosing pump can be programmed for every half liter with a non-return system to always have the perfect distribution dosage.

We can equip the structure with rubber reel, totally in stainless steel, with automatic winding and rewinding. The distribution rubber can reach 25 meters in length, allowing the distribution of food even to calves positioned in inaccessible places or under very low canopies. The metering pump is controlled directly from the dispensing gun, even when the operator has to distribute the milk 25 meters away from the milk mixer. A convenient access ladder and the stainless steel base allow easy access to the upper lid; in this way the loading of water and powdered milk is absolutely easy and safe.


Personalized milk mixers without electricity for calves

The calf milk mixer with operation without electricity can be made with stainless steel supports to load the plastic buckets, directly integrated into the structure. The LED spotlights supplied allow it to be used in the afternoon and evening hours in the winter months, while the stainless steel cabinet can be used for medicines and supplements. We can also supply additional tanks, always in stainless steel and insulated, for the transport of medicinal water and insulated bottle holder tanks.

The PATENTED Condor milk mixer without the use of electricity can be customized according to the individual requests of each individual customer and its capacity can reach 2000 liters.