Photo of a Condor S.r.l. patented calf milk mixer

Condor has designed and built a revolutionary mixer and dispenser for pet food without the use of electricity. Animal welfare is too often neglected for various reasons, but sometimes the causes are also force majeure.

Many equipments already known on the market have a rather low operational productivity, implying a high risk of supplying animals on the farm with food not prepared in a suitable way. In fact, it is often not at the optimum temperature, with a consequent increase in the mortality rate of young animals.

Calf mortality is an important cause of economic losses in Italian dairy herds. Condor has been manufacturing milk mixers, heaters and milk distributors for calves, piglets and other animals for over 15 years, obtaining excellent results and important improvements in farms that use our own milk mixers. The high quality of the raw materials used, the food-certified stainless steel even if material intended for animals, the seriousness of the company present on the market for 60 years, meant that the company could grow and always seek new solutions to improve animal welfare.

We also work to make the activity of the person in charge of preparing and distributing food less tiring and, last but not least, to reduce economic losses due to calf mortality due to unsuitable nourishment.

Advantages of a mixer operating without power supply

All current milk mixers have limitations. One of these is the heating of the water, necessary for the preparation of the food, which takes place exclusively via electric resistances and which require you to keep the milk mixer for calves connected to an electricity source through a cable. The operational limits and logistical problems in using this equipment are obvious. This is one of the limitations of all milk mixers for calves on the world market, even in the case of milk mixers with an electric traction motor.

Since these are equipped with rechargeable batteries, once distribution is complete, the machines must be connected to the electricity to be recharged. Condor has participated for many years in agricultural, livestock, dairy and food fairs. The company, which is also specialized in the processing of stainless steel at the specific request of each individual customer since ever, is obviously always attentive and available to listen to the experiences and needs of its customers and operators in the sector during these events.


How a mixer works without power supply

Condor, listening to the various requests of the breeders, has decided to investigate some of these, similar to each other. In the sector of preparation and distribution of food to calves, the need to have equipment that has a high working autonomy is increasingly important. At the same time, safety and ease of work must be guaranteed for the operator and a guarantee of high quality in the preparation, distribution and maintenance of food for the animals. Such equipment should be simple, essential, easy to use and maneuver, without presenting excessively high construction and maintenance costs. A machine, in this specific case milk mixer for calves, which mixes, distributes and keeps the food temperature constant even after hours of work and which does not require electricity, is not a utopia, but it is reality.

Industrial mixers for calves

This milk mixer for calves with operation without electricity is an indispensable aid for farms that have a very large number of calves to feed, calves scattered in places sometimes very far from the farm or positioned inside rooms or under canopies where only a foot operator can pass. Farms with many calves to feed twice a day, but which have too little electrical power available, can also benefit greatly. In these cases it is not possible to support milk mixers that are large enough to proceed with the distribution in one go, with the almost certainty of never having a constant temperature of the food and the consequent perfect mixing.

Condor has created this milk mixer for calves with operation without electricity totally in stainless steel, available with capacity up to 2000 liters.