Condor S.r.l. Products on display for the Agriumbria 2023 Fair

Agriumbria is the largest agricultural event in Central-Southern Italy: it took place from 31 March to 2 April 2023, in the pavilions of Umbriafiere in Bastia Umbra (PG), with a program dedicated to entrepreneurs in the Agriculture, Zootechnical and Food sectors.

We at Condor were present at the Umbrian trade fair.

In the large exhibition area dedicated to technology for the dairy supply chain, we presented some of our equipment for animal feeding and milk processing: the Tata Calf (milk mixer-distributor-pasteuriser), the multi-purpose unit, yogurt maker, the vertical press for cheese, the spilling table, the lyre and the curd cutter spino, the tilting pot and much more.


Quality products, in stainless steel and with M.O.C.A. food certification

We would like to remind that all our products are in AISI 304L stainless steel, internally and externally electropolished, perfectly finished (beaten, ground, rounded and smooth) and certified FOOD MOCA (Materials and Objects in Contact with Food). We can humbly and proudly state that we immediately distinguished ourselves: there was not a single visitor who did not stop to admire our machines, to touch them, to ask for information about them.

Condor owner, Monica Bigliardi, together with her staff have patiently and expertly explained to everyone, even the mere curious, who we were and what we did for the world of Agriculture and Ecology. Each machine has had its space and time and has been made alive and operational, thanks to the punctual and accurate explanations of the Condor staff.


TATA CALF: heats, mixes and distributes the milk powder for calves

We remind you that of our TATA CALF (milk mixer-distributor-pasteurizer), a machine with a capacity of 50 to 2000 liters which heats (or pasteurizes), mixes and distributes powdered milk, thanks to a powerful motor.

It’s equipped with a special mixer blade for mixing the milk, a drain cock, a programmable dosing pump every half liter, an external nozzle holder connected to the inside of the tank (to also allow the recirculation of the milk in the tank) and a card control electronics functions.

The graduated scale every 5 liters is inside the tank.

It is completed by a stainless steel hose reel and large wheels to move it easily on all terrains.


TATA milk mixer

This mixer is a necessary machine for any farmer who needs to mix milk: we remind you that to do it, but above all to do it well, our TATA are the best you can find on the market.

They are equipped with professional equipment that optimally mixes each type of component, while guaranteeing the quality of the work and the safety of its employees.


Polivalente for dairy products

The POLIVALENTE is a machine, with a capacity from 50 liters to 500 liters, created for the thermal transformation of milk into dairy products such as:


• Ricotta

• Seasoned

• Robiola

• Soft cheese

• Herbed

• Cheeses

• Spreadable

• Etc.

The Polivalente allows the pasteurization and processing of the milk, with thermal variations ranging from 4°C to 100°C, thanks to electric, gas and steam heating, thus generating cheeses of different types.

Our multi-purpose tanks are designed in compliance with international standards and the latest achievements in the dairy sector: in fact, we have moved from the ancient open copper boilers to closed stainless steel ones, more hygienic and suitable for producing the curd and curd, mechanically and automatically.


Yogurt maker

The yoghurt maker is a special machine for the artisanal production of yogurt, therefore not a mere industrial series product, but a work tool built with artisanal attention to detail to offer quality and functionality over time.

Like all our products, the yogurt maker can be customized and equipped with accessories.


Vertical press for cheese and ricotta

The vertical press for cheese and ricotta, designed for pressing hard, semi-hard and ricotta cheeses. It can be cleaned and sanitized with extreme simplicity and is equipped with an excellent system for collecting and discharging the drained whey. Easy to use and particularly efficient, it is available in different sizes.



The TAVOLO SPERSORE is a tool used to speed up the draining of the whey during the maturation phase of the curd; our table is absolutely new, because it is equipped with a collection and recovery system for the drained whey, which avoids unnecessary waste.

We are convinced that those who say that "in life you can get anything you want, if you help other people get what they want" are right!