Agriculture 4.0 concept

What is 4.0?

When we talk about 4.0, not only in agriculture, but in every sector of industry, reference is being made to what is now recognized as the fourth industrial revolution.

Industry 4.0, enterprise 4.0, agriculture 4.0 are all parts of a single great innovation based on the development of recent technologies, also involving data analysis, robotization and the so-called internet of things.

Since the end of the 18th century, when the first industrial revolution erupted, technological development has undergone several phases, each of which led to a new industrial revolution. What we are going through puts the operator in close contact with the technology itself, with tools that are increasingly simple to use, more usable and more efficient.

What are the innovations

The innovations brought by the fourth industrial revolution, both in the field of Industry 4.0 and in that of Agriculture 4.0, concern the machines used for work. As we mentioned, there are many references to the Internet of Things, the analysis and exploitation of big data, artificial intelligence and robotics.

These machines can cause mistrust, leading to the thought that they will take away jobs, but instead have very positive effects. In fact, they will not only lighten the workload on humans, but they will create new professions. In fact, the employees will have to be adequately trained in order to direct the machine and guide it to work.

This aspect is also crucial in agriculture. Tiring processes such as milking, feeding calves, harvesting vegetables in the field can be carried out in less time and with less effort. In addition, waste will also be less, thanks to the optimization of resources.

How the job changes

As far as agriculture 4.0 is concerned, huge strides are being made for the introduction of these technologies. Data analysis, optimization of resources to limit waste, digitization of the sector, are factors that allow a sustainable result for the activity.

Condor can offer its experience in producing milk powder mixers, pasteurizers and milking salt accessories to improve the quality of work, in line with the innovations of agriculture 4.0. Our mixers are in fact also heaters and distributors, allowing with a single machine, to carry out the whole process of feeding calves and other stable and farm animals.

The control units with which the machines we produce are equipped are simple to use and allow you to speed up and optimize milk distribution processes.

The growth of agriculture 4.0

Innovation linked to agriculture 4.0 is growing strongly, a trend confirmed also in the year 2020, a strong reaction to the crisis, a symptom of the desire to adhere to the potential brought by digital. In what data is this trend found? Reference is made to product quality, food safety, traceability, but there is also a strong focus on the control of the agricultural vehicles used.

In a livestock farm it is essential to take care of the animals carefully, especially with regard to the correct feeding of calves, using specific machinery. Condor continues to work to improve its products and allow its customers to do the job continuously, without interruptions caused by unforeseen events and, when possible, reduce operator fatigue as much as possible.

To make our service increasingly attentive, we are working to develop services for big data collection, preventive assistance and fault prediction, with regard to the complete protection of the privacy of our customers.